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Tales from interns who are now full-time employees

Anna Trudova has always been inspired by travel.

She was attending University of Economics, Prague, and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Informatics when she discovered an internship opportunity with Concur at a career fair. In July of 2016, she started a role in Concur Prague as a Quality Specialist Intern on the Mobile Expense Capture team.

In May of 2017, Anna was offered a full-time role at Concur as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

We sat down with Anna to hear about her journey from intern to full-time at Concur:

Q: What was it like being an intern at Concur?
A: My team was really great, with good people. We had good communication skills and attended parties together. The projects were actually quite interesting and my manager and mentor were helping me on my projects. I felt like I could ask as many questions.

Q: Tell us a bit about your projects.
A: I worked on the application process of capturing the receipts and creating the expenses out of them. After this stage, another team takes the expenses and turns them into reports. We test different features in the application and send the work closely with developers to fix any problems.

Q: What was your experience like going from intern to full-time?
A: I worked as an intern for one year before being hired full time. The whole time I was an intern I talked to to teams around me about open roles and expressing interest in new opportunities.

Q: What’s different in your role now that you’re full time?
A: Now there is so much more responsibility and pressure on testing. My responsibilities have changed. I no longer rely on others for testing, and I have more confidence in what I’m doing. I’m not as afraid to share my ideas—I see it’s OK. What’s great about my job is that I’m still not bored with it. It’s a dream that became reality.

Q: What would you recommend incoming interns?
A: Don’t be afraid to ask anything. For interns that are transitioning into full-time employees, know that everything will work out and things are always negotiable. Concur is great!



  • Anna moved to Prague from Stavropol, Russia when she was 17.

  • She loves living in beautiful Prague and enjoys reading a book outside in a park.