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Adam Gartner was one of the first SAP Internship Experience Project (iXp) interns in the Concur Prague office when the internship program expanded in 2016. Two years prior, Adam interned at SAP in Prague for three years on the Helpdesk team for the Procurement department.

This past January, Adam finished his bachelor’s degree from Czech University of Science in System Development. This past March, he accepted a full-time role on Concur’s Shared Technical Services team.

Adam says he’s a relaxed, down-to-earth guy who you’ll most likely see with a beer in-hand and a bright smile on his face. And everyone who’s worked with him agrees. Outside of the office, you’ll find him out exploring nature, especially when it’s covered by snow. His favorite vacation spot is somewhere on a mountain either snowboarding or hiking.

We recently caught up with Adam to find out why he chose to take on a full-time role at Concur:

Q: How did you hear about Concur’s internship program?

A: I had heard about Concur and saw it had one of Glassdoor’s highest global and U.S. rankings. Many of the reviews portrayed roles requiring a dynamic set of skill and a company that is constantly developing and expanding.

I was ready for a new work experience and wanted to have exposure to U.S. business as well. Furthermore, Concur was always highly ranked in the market for happiness in Czech Republic. It seemed like a nimble company that’s constantly innovating and growing its product -- which is exactly what I was looking for.

Q: What did you work on throughout your internship?

A: I was working on developing a tool that would create a dynamic search for large credit card information so my team would decrease time and increase efficiency when checking for missing client information.

Q: You moved around from a couple of different companies prior to Concur. What’s been different about this work experience than previous roles and internships you’ve had?

A: Honestly, before Concur I was working as a support guy. This was my first chance to try something new. After a few months as an intern, my colleagues saw me as a resource on the team and I eventually had the opportunity to work directly with clients. I didn’t expect this to happen in the start of my internship, and I’m so thankful for this experience. Working with clients provided me better insight for what solutions and implementations are necessary to build.

Q: Throughout your internship, did you get to know fellow interns and network with peers around the office?

A: Yes, we had several social events and parties just for the interns. But there were infinite other possibilities to meet and network with people. People here are very social and welcomed me when I was new – it all came so naturally.

Q: Was there a colleague that mentored you or who played a role in your development?

A: Mirko Marx became my mentor. He’s a Senior Technical Consultant, and anyone who knows him knows that once you strike up a conversation with him, you’ll be swimming in his ocean of knowledge.

If you ever have a problem you don’t know how to solve, he can save the day. We gave him the nickname: “the German wizard.” Working with Mirko, I feel like his apprentice, so I try to soak up as much of his knowledge as possible (sometimes I end up with a headache, but it’s well-worth it!).

I’m lucky to work with him and to have built a strong foundational knowledge from his mentorship. Now I sit right next to him and I remind him when it’s time to take a break and go to lunch from time-to-time.

Outside of Prague’s Concur office, you’ll find Adam Gartner exploring all corners of the Alps.

Q: What are some of your aspirations now that you’re starting a full-time role?

A: I’d like to get to the level where I understand most of the problems I can help fix. I’d also like to take advantage of SAP’s learning programs so I can expand my knowledge and be more resourceful in my field.