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Written by Bernardine Kelly

SAP has one of the most successful Commercial Sales Operations (formerly known as Inside Sales) in the Digital World today. A forerunner of innovation, SAP’s Commercial Sales hub in Dublin is responsible for the UK & Ireland market. Currently employing 38 sales people and led by Celine Cazali (Director UKI) the Dublin team has excelled over the past 5 years since the onset of the Digital Transformation. ‘Digital Selling’ is the process of engaging more online with business and social networks, plus using the digital sales tools (such as the Virtual Studio, Sales Navigator, VLM) available to drive more sales opportunities and thus enhancing the customer engagement experience. ‘Digital Selling’ is changing the way sales and prospecting is done and at the heart of this evolution in Dublin is a group of people who leverage innovation coupled with best sales practice to engage with wave after wave of new and existing SAP customers. 

“The Commercial sales unit redefine the future of the business to business sales model by leveraging social media, value base selling and the most advanced communication tools available” said Fred Chauvire, EMEA Commercial Sales Vice President. Commercial sales engage with customer and SAP partner network to accelerate SAP clients in their evolution to the digital world.

As this transformation continues to gain momentum the Dublin Commercial Sales team will continue to challenge itself to operate in exciting new ways to deliver better service and coverage to SAP customers and to continue to be at the best in its class.