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Take it from Robert Rabe, Head of Insights, Experience Design at SAP Digital and SAP iXp Final Presentation judge when he tweeted:

We whole-heartedly agree that the talent of this year's iXp cohorts is extraordinary. So without wasting time, let's jump into the projects the iXp Final Presentation winners worked on.


Prithvi Shetty,
SAP Concur iXp Intern, Bellevue
User Experience Analyst

About the project:

  • Built a bug classifier using machine learning.


  • Identified problems with fraudulent and misleading errors through machine learning using Scattertext

  • Automated feedback and comment language translation to improve product quality and efficiency.


In his own words: 

Networking helped me a lot to explore my forte and gain valuable feedback from so many different teams! I met virtually and personally with almost 50 different interns and full-timers from different parts of SAP throughout the world. Really thankful to each one of them for their feedback and help! It was this networking which also led me to my winning hackathon team : Lovely, Yujin, Jeremy, Julie and me! A marvelous experience of working with each one of the talented people in my hackathon team.

Finally and most importantly, from the start of my internship, my UX team was the one who got my back and bolstered my presentation and the work which I was doing. The freedom of choosing my projects and letting me innovate the way I wanted it to be was the game changer, I felt.


Connie Jiang
SAP, Palo Alto
UX Design Intern, Innovative Business Solutions Team 

In her own words:

This summer I created two major supply chain management systems for the U.S. Navy and Norwegian Cruise Line. I had the important role in empathizing with users and translating their needs to ideal experiences. As a result, I learned to work with a diverse team, solve complex problems and create prototypes for development.

I presented my internship experience to fellow interns, judges and a panel of executives including Max Wessel through two rounds of presentations and ultimately won first place!

While I will miss the iXp program (the Power Hours, social events, friends made!), I am excited to extend my internship and continue working with my talented and supportive team. I look forward to continuing my journey at SAP!


Katherine Marra,
SAP iXp Intern, Pittsburgh
Service Delivery

About the project:

  • Facilitated global leadership meeting to report dashboard findings

  • Produced high quality deliverable using SAP brand tools

  • Gained exposure to various divisions within SAP Ariba through collaboration

  • Created people survey feedback form and prepared insightful deliverables for global managers



Eric Sy,
SAP iXp Intern, Vancouver
Service Engineering

In his own words:

My presentation was based on a project that I led for my team: setting up a new Asset Management tool. Given that our current inventory system is no longer supported, we need a suitable replacement to ensure the day-to-day tasks of our team and end-users are not severely impacted.

Without a doubt, the most enjoyable aspect of my internship at SAP has been the community. The people here are incredibly bright, and are always willing to share their experiences with an aspiring student such as myself.

There is also no shortage of support structures at SAP. I’ve been able to partake in many workshops, events, or competitions that have undoubtedly improved both my soft and hard skills. Some highlights include the Mentorship Program, the iXp Summit, and the iXp presentations.

For more iXp stories and project highlights, visit @SAPiXp on Instagram & Twitter | #MyiXpStory