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The next thing after knowing Why SAP Career? is to learn about SAP Implementation and Operation scenarios.

SAP is a rewarding career and as a Professional, you can help companies with implementing and using SAP Solutions.

Business Needs and SAP Solutions

Businesses need to comply with certain regulatory standards. They also have to follow best practices to stay competitive. SAP provides different Line of Business and Industry Solutions, capable of handling such requirements.

It's about Finance, Sales, Procurement, or HR business functions, or about Service, Consumer, or Discrete Industries, companies can rely on SAP to run their businesses from better to best.

Solution and Business Knowledge

If you learn a particular SAP module/component, you also get to know how it can support a specific business function. You can help companies with implementing and/or using an SAP Solution.

It is a Solution Implementation or Operation, there are a number of activities, performed on adhoc or ongoing basis, by different people. You can be one of them.

For instance, when a Solution is being implemented you, as an SAP Consultant, can assist business teams with testing it. Another example could be of its Technical Support, such as if there's an issue, you can help an end-user with finding its resolution.

Tools and Techniques

SAP provides necessary tools and resources to handle the Solution Implementation and Maintenance, which you can learn to help businesses with achieving their technological goals.

In short, the career options SAP has are quite wide and you can choose the one which best suits you.

In the next blog, within this series i.e. Understanding SAP Career, you'll learn What kind of SAP Work you may expect?

So stay tuned for the next entry!
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