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At SAP, we believe that our people are our greatest resource and the reason for our success. By prioritizing engagement, we’ve risen from a 3.7 to 4.1 overall ranking on Glassdoor in one year. We’re thrilled about this improvement because a multitude of studies have shown that engagement and satisfaction leads to increased productivity, loyalty, a happier work environment, and financial growth.

SAP’s overall company score, number of reviews, positive sentiment, and followers has increased thanks to your input. SAP impressively obtained a combined viewership of 2.3 million views on its Glassdoor pages since last year. With 86% of the 4,200+ respondents saying they’d refer our company to a friend, SAP increased its rating by .4 points up to 4.1, now outranking many of our closest competitors, including Oracle, Workday, and VMware.

How it works…

  • Ratings are gathered through Glassdoor’s online company review survey, which seeks to gain current and former employee sentiment about job and company satisfaction, the work environment, and the culture.

  • Employees are asked to rate a number of workplace factors like compensation and benefits, work-life balance, and CEO approval.

  • Employees are asked to describe some of the upsides and downsides of working for the company and provide any advice for senior management.

Writing a review on Glassdoor takes less than 5 minutes. It gives you a platform for your voice to be heard and your review will directly help SAP recruit outstanding, new talent. Simultaneously, it offers us ways to improve our recruiting solutions thanks to employee feedback based on interviews.

We want to encourage you to write an anonymous review yourself; please go to and click “Add Review”. Complete your review and submit. Glassdoor reviews every piece of content submitted. So once your review is approved, it will appear on the SAP Glassdoor page.

Once again, thank you to our employees for their feedback and for showing the world that you truly believe SAP is a great company to work for.

We would especially like to highlight a few comparisons on how our statistics look now versus 1 year ago:

Overall Rating:
September 2015: 3.7
September 2016: 4.1

Number of Reviews:
September 2015: 2.7K
September 2016: 4.2K

Would Recommend SAP to a friend:
September 2015: 81%
September 2016: 86%

Positive Outlook:
September 2015: 61%
September 2016: 78%

CEO Rating:
September 2015: 93%
September 2016: 95%

Page Views:
September 2015: 156,947
September 2016: 245,792

Number of Followers:
September 2015: 21,877
September 2016: 37,302

Competitor/Subsidiary Comparisons:
September 2015:
Ariba: 3.4
Concur: 3.9
Workday: 4.0
Oracle: 3.3

September 2016:
Ariba: 3.6
Concur: 4.0
Workday: 3.8
Oracle: 3.4