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Vow of a Platinum Engineer

"Customer Onboard and now my watch begins, it shall not end until the customer is live.

I shall take no rest, no halts, carry all arms. I shall play roles on demand and win glory for Customer and SAP.

I shall work and make the customer live.

I am the swan in the ocean of features and workarounds.

I keep an Eagles eye on the incidents.

I am the shield that gaurds the customer project.

I pledge myself and my honor to the Platinum Engineering, for this day and days to come."

Who are we and what we do?

The term "Platinum" itself signifies "Precious". Platinum has remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures, and is therefore considered a noble metal. Well, this in a nutshell explains our team and what we do.

We are a bunch of highly motivated Platinum Engineers belonging to the "Cloud for Customer"(C4C) product development area and part of the CEC LoB area. Our primary objective is customer success and a happy customer retention. In order to ensure that we achieve this primary objective, we as Platinum engineers work closely with customers and partners during the lifecycle of the C4C implementation. As Platinum Engineers, we come with a very strong functional and technical knowledge of C4C as well as the CRM Business Process Knowledge.

Working with the Partners and Customers is highly challenging as well as satisfying.Every new customer/project has its set of challenges and rewards. Every customer have their own set of expectations from a business process perspective as well as adopting cloud as a new solution. Having a global overview of the various C4C projects and hence streamlining the customer business requirements in a harmonized way is one of the biggest challenges we face because for every customer their business requirement is the most critical one for their business.

We act as a bridge between the Product Development and the Customers and we play a major part in getting the  customer requirements into the product. We strive to buffer the development from unnecessary customer load and at the same time bring enhancements to the product thereby improving the overall outlook of the product.

What are our challenges we face?

We are the face of the product for the customer and the partner for anything and everything related to C4C. Hence we are "SAP" for them and we have to keep up the image and validate the confidence the customer has when they sign up for the SAP Product. This is both challenging and rewarding.

Every Customer is King. We have to understand their business processes and help them adopt C4C tweaking it to fit their requirements. On the other hand, sometimes, we have to convince the customer to change their business processes to get the best possible results from C4C. This can prove to be the most challenging.

We work closely with the Partners as they would be the actual implementers of the project. Learning how to work with people from varied backgrounds and not necessarily your organization can also be very challenging and a fruitful learning experience.

What have been the key achievements of the team?

Our team in India is responsible for the customers in the APJ, MEE and some European regions. We have built our experise in SAP Cloud Studio, Integration, Analytics etc on the technical side within the team over multiple projects and become mostly self-sufficient. On the other hand, we have also built the functional knowledge of the C4C product which is part and parcel of our profile.

All of us are certified in Cloud for Customer for the available Functional, Integration and the SAP Cloud Studio certifications.

We have provided Customers with quick win solutions to solve their immediate issues, thereby avoiding escalations in many cases.

Basically, to cut the long story short  :cool: , when you meet a Platinum Engineer you know you have met a combination of enthusiasm, motivation, knowledge, balance and commitment. :smile: