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As several My Dream videos have been released on multiple SAP official WeChat Public IDs, you might be familiar with the “My Dream” Campaign, organized by the Let’s Shine program. The program team has carefully selected three dreams from dozens of dream proposals through earlier promotion of micro movies about starting to realize dreams. With collective wisdom and concerted efforts, the three groups of dream makers, who are representatives for three categories of dreams: Make Remarkable Achievements; Accomplish Something Great in the Spirit of an Entrepreneur; Live a Healthier and Happier Life; are proactively pursuing their dreams and have made outstanding achievements in their dream pursuing journey.

A series of “My Dream” advertising videos, once presented on SAP official WeChat platform, have received great acclaim. Both internal employees and SAP fans applaud the dream teams, touched by their unremitting endeavor made in their dream pursuing journey, marveling at the achievements they have made during such a short period of time, and concerned about and following closely the progress of each team. Of course, all these achievements can hardly do without the trust and support of senior management as well as the company and assistance of Let’s Shine program group. Now these three teams are embracing new challenges toward the peak of their dreams, and we expect them to bring us more pleasant surprises.

Beginnings, Difficulties and Gains

After experiencing the difficulties in organizing the Great Wall Marathon charitable activity in terms of application, donation, preparation and other affairs, the "Simple CSR” team headed by Linda have been always seeking for a set of information-driven solutions that can support these business scenarios. CSR organization has internally reorganized business processes, identified key function points/important end users, and even designed the interface and flow of such a software system. However, as there are no IT experts like system architects and program engineers in the team, this proposal was not implemented, and the dream for “Simple CSR” failed to make true breakthroughs before December 2015.

It seems that winning the Red Dot Award has made Fiori a hotter product and technology. Not only is SAP expanding new use scenarios for Fiori in standard products, but also many customers are defining Fiori as the basis for interaction between internal information system front-end and users in their projects. With the arduousness in numerous days working late at night, the “Simple Fiori Development” dream team set up by Lucky has eventually turned the easy and simple Fiori design and development tool into a disruptive force that can truly improve the work efficiency of front-end interface development engineers. This Fiori tool has been viewed and tried more than 3,000 times by global SAP employees, partners and customers on professional SAP developer websites like SCN. Besides, Web IDE officially produced by SAP even invited Lucky to make some exchanges in Israel, and incorporated some of this tool’s functionalities into standard products. Lucky, as an engineer from SAP Labs China (Shanghai) who “prefers people to say the program is awesome rather than talking about him being cool today”, receives recognition and admiration from global technical experts. However, he doesn’t think this is the end of his dream.

Things are always hardest at the beginning. However, this saying doesn’t apply to the “SAP Fitness Academy” dream team which seems to have the smoothest beginnings among the three dream teams. With the knowledge and experience accumulated as a professional fitness instructor over many years, Leon starts to exert a positive influence on the employees in the entire SAP Shanghai Zhangjiang Office. From preparation for professional equipment, booking of fitness facilities, to building/operation of social networks like SAP Jam and WeChat Public ID, everything about Fitness Academy seems to have run particularly smooth. In a short period of several months, hundreds of colleagues have enjoyed fitness instructions within the company at the same level as those provided only by professional fitness clubs, which has truly improved their health, body shape and bearing. Nevertheless, conducting instructions only at Zhangjiang Office is not Leon’s original intention to open Fitness Academy, for his aspiration is to conduct fitness instructions at SAP offices across China and even across the world. Accordingly, a series of pending issues arising from dream pursuit, such as equipment, facilities, instructors, and promotion, have become the biggest obstacles for Leon’s team.

Hope, Collaboration and Breakthrough

Dreams are always accompanied by sweat and tears. The three dream teams seemed to have been thrown into their own difficulties, bottlenecks and confusion when Let’s Shine program team actively invited dream pursuing supporters Margaret, Ruicheng and Jens from SAP management to provide guidance and strong support for the three dream teams. With their support, the “Simple CSR” dream team eventually recruited a senior development engineer from SAP Labs China (Shanghai) who is willing to invest his spare time and devote himself to public welfare activities; the “Fitness Academy” dream team also recruited a fitness guru with the same dream who obtained the professional certification for fitness instructors under the support of the program; the “Simple Fiori Development” dream team identified their new direction, not only improving SAP internal product development efficiency, and even starting to try Fiori development for key customers. Meanwhile, by conducting communications across teams, the Let’s Shine program team has activated cooperation between the dream teams. Lucky voluntarily worked as an architect and development engineer for the “Simple CSR” team when he heard of the news that Linda lacked a senior developer to support her dream, and applied SAP’s most advanced cloud architecture to this proposal, truly enabling Simple CSR Powered by SAP!

To be continued...

The three teams are still making great efforts to pursue their dreams even if there may be more difficulties and challenges ahead. Although these three dreams appear insignificant, the dream of every SAP employee can be brought together to cultivate brave and excellent SAP dreams, just like SAP CEO Bill McDermott once said. Let’s pay continued attention to the dream pursuit of these three dream teams and hold fast to our own dreams!

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