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Originally authored by: Nathalie Parent, SVP Human Resources, SAP EMEA. Originally published by Melissa Joelson.

SAP Certified by Top Employer in 10 countries and Two Regions in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Congratulations Belgium, France, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, UK and overall Europe and the Middle East!

Days ahead of the Oscars in Hollywood, the #TopEmployers Institute has rolled out its red carpet to honor leading employers for providing optimal employee conditions that ensure people can develop themselves personally and professionally.

In Europe, Middle East & Africa, the Top Employers Institute has officially certified SAP in TEN countries and two parts of the region for their exceptional employee offerings and working conditions. I am very proud of this achievement.

Receiving this prestigious certification in so many of our key markets is a strong endorsement of our efforts to provide a consistent and meaningful employee experience across the globe. We are indeed fully committed to providing an environment where people are inspired, engaged and empowered to reach their full potential and be impactful. Where they understand and identify with our core values and mission. And where they are given the best opportunities to develop and grow.

In this digital era, we also have an important responsibility to enable our people who are increasingly dynamic, mobile and remote. SAP human resources and management have worked closely together to standardize and simplify in countless areas - including processes, benefits and career development.

As part of that initiative, we now have eight mobile apps that employees can access from any device. Wherever they are, they can access customized company news, connect to JAM, our social network for business, and thanks to SAP SuccessFactors they can develop their learning plans, goals and company profile, among other things. We will continue our focus in this area over the years to come.

The Top Employer certification sends a strong message that we’re on the right path. It is indeed a journey and we will not be complacent. The Top Employer award is more than a certification, it is a measure of our promise to employees. And it’s our responsibility to uphold that promise and continue to deliver on it in tangible ways – this is the ultimate currency of our leadership as a business, as managers and as individuals.

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