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As of June 2018, SAP has been recognized around the world an incredible 106 times through various awards, certifications, and rankings.

SAP especially excels in the amount of diversity & inclusion awards, HR awards, best workplace awards, and happiest employee awards. SAP is blowing the competition away.

SAP is a certified Top Employer in 22 countries and 4 regions and holds the title of Global Top Employer. We're excited to share that SAP in India and Brazil are also working hard on their Top Employer certifications and we will look forward to welcoming them to the certified group early next year.

Additionally, we're proud to announce that SAP in India was just recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work in India according to the Great Place to Work Institute. To be ranked #1 among 700 participating companies representing 20 major industries is a phenomenal achievement!

SAP puts particular emphasis on creating an environment where innovation prevails. Innovation is what we do best and it helps us stay ahead of the competition. Already this year, SAP has been recognized as a "Most Innovative Company" by BCG, a "Best Place to Work in Technology" by Indeed, and "Top 100 Global Technology Leader" by Thomson Reuters. These awards have also contributed to SAP increasing its overall standing as a "100 Most Valuable Brand" by BrandZ and "World's Most Reputable Company" by Forbes.

What's particularly special, is when we get awards solely based on employee feedback, such as awards we receive from Glassdoor. Our CEO, Bill McDermott, is a "Top CEO" in the U.S., Canada, Germany, and the U.K., and SAP is a 2018 "Best Place to Work" on Glassdoor in the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., and France, one of only two companies to place on all 5/5 lists. A big thanks to our employees who have logged on to leave reviews, which have directly helped us get this recognition!

With 106 awards and recognitions received this year so far, take a closer look at them for yourself on the Life at SAP Facebook page and see what recognitions SAP in your country has received! Share with your networks & feel proud.

Congratulations, everyone at SAP!