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In 2015 we launched our initiative SAP Back2School. Its aim is our colleagues to volunteer and visit the high schools they have graduated from. During their visit they tell the current students more about the profession of the software developer. By their personal example they could help the students in their choice for future career development. So far, 72 volunteers from our Lab returned to high schools, where they received their secondary education in order to share their experiences with current students. Through their personal story they set an example for the professional way of the school graduates. 41 high schools in Bulgaria were visited and over 2500 high school students reached.

"We want to attract more young people to choose a career in the IT field, and this choice is usually taken in high school.", says Radoslav Nikolov, Managing Director of SAP Labs Bulgaria. "It is very valuable to be able to hear for a certain profession from someone who has chosen it and works for years in this field. Therefore we believe that through this initiative, students can very well get an idea of ​​what is actually to be a software developer. We show also the different roles that we have in a software company.”. he added. Elena Angelova, one of the coordinators of the initiative SAP Back2School, says that all her colleagues returned extremely excited and positively charged after their visits. "Our colleagues are happy when they see the passion and interest in the students. Personal example and story are the most interesting things for the high school students and for them is very useful and exciting to meet IT professionals, even if they won’t choose this area for their professional development.