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Purpose Challenge: The Joy of Family Dynamics – by Liz Brenner

Going back to the future to connect roots with passions (link)

Purpose Challenge: Learn & Share – by Celine Burgle

Variety in work roles can be the spice of work-life (link)

Purpose Challenge: Analytics Meets Creativity – by Jules Waxman

Mixing art with business gives depth to both pursuits (link)

Purpose Challenge: SAP's Vision is my Passion – by Meagan McIntyre

Saving lives through sales (link)

Purpose Challenge: My Work Is My Passion – by Dev Patra

Configuring systems is better than work (link)

Purpose Challenge: Redifining Success – by Rayel Quiring

The real meaning of success is so much more than money (link)

Purpose Challenge: When I Grow Up – by Deb Stambaugh

Using technology to support the under-privileged and disenfranchised (link) 

Purpose Challenge: Run Better - by Sathish K

Literally running with purpose (link)

Purpose Challenge: Passion for Innovation – by Stewart Johnstone

Using predictive analytics to connect with self (link)

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