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Yesterday a colleague shared with me a fun and very successful “Blog It Forward” challenge that started on SCN, and I was really inspired by this concept of starting a blog, passing the torch to a coworker or friend, then having them “Blog It Forward” to their colleagues and friends, and eventually creating an amazing community and web of people, stories and voices.

I’m very excited to kick off a similar challenge by posting the first Run with Purpose Blog It Forward story. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, find this challenge fun and exciting and want to join in and blog it forward. I would love to know what you think, so please share your comments here!


My name is Grace Chiu and I am an early talent working on the Talent Marketing team. I provide marketing communications as well as event planning and execution support to our HR organization, helping to increase awareness of our HR offerings and programs to enhance employee communications, development and engagement at SAP.

My Run with Purpose story:

A few days ago my coworker had a late-night thought about our project, wanting to see how we could come up with engaging content that people would actually want to read and respond to. One idea she had was around asking people to fill in the blanks to this question: “My purpose in my work is definitely not ___. I tried ___ out and after this experience I realized it really wasn't for me, but ___ is.”

I thought this was a rather interesting approach to thinking about my personal and career passions and how they bring meaning and purpose to my work, and so I wrote my Blog It Forward story based on this question.

What makes me run with purpose at SAP?

My purpose in my work life is definitely not just managing marketing communications plans, but getting my hands dirty in executing them while helping people grow an amazing career along the way.

Upon graduation I started off my first internship in a program management role supporting onboarding programs for new sales hires. While my team was full of wonderful, collaborative and friendly coworkers who really took me in as family, from a professional development standpoint I felt I wasn’t really growing or being challenged in the role after 6 months.

I decided to take a risk on another internship opportunity with a team and work that I knew very little about, but it was there where I realized I enjoyed taking on a more active role in rolling out a plan/program than simply managing it, and also my career passion in helping people grow and succeed in their personal and professional lives.

I have always been passionate about helping people develop the skills they needed to grow a successful career, but I didn’t know how I could tie this personal passion of mine with my academic and professional background in marketing and communications. It was here at SAP where I realized it was possible to combine my passions and career aspirations. And today I am very happy and proud to say that I am supporting the learning, growth and development of all SAP employees through the marketing communications plans and programs I help drive.

Every day I get to see the positive impact my team’s initiatives makes on our employees’ work life, and personally and professionally there’s nothing more enjoyable and rewarding for me than that. This is what makes me run with purpose at SAP.

Join in on the challenge

To get this challenge started, I am inviting you to join in on the conversation. If you are interested in sharing your stories, please post a blog in the Career Center space here on SCN with “Run with Purpose Challenge” in your blog title and respond back to one of the questions below:

  1. My purpose in my work is definitely not ___. I tried ___ out and after this experience I realized it really wasn't for me, but ___ is. (Give an example of something you tried that may not have worked out, or has helped redirect you to work that has been more enjoyable and rewarding for you.)
  2. What inspires you the most about your work right now?
  3. How do your passions contribute to your work?
  4. How does having purpose/passions in your work allowed for career success or advancement?
  5. How do you think your work create a positive impact for other people or the world?
  6. What does it mean to run with purpose and how does it relate to the work you do?

Share a fun fact and photo of yourself along with your blog post, or a photo of your office or country if you’re camera-shy like me! :smile:

Don't forget to also invite a friend or colleague to join in on the conversation!

Enjoy and have fun!

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