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Last week my colleague Grace Chiu kicked off a Run With Purpose Challenge all about What Makes Me Run With A Purpose At SAP. Her story, much like the passion she brings to just about everything she does, is inspiring. I luckily was the second Run With A Purpose Ambassador with the opportunity to Blog It Forward.

Who am I?

I joined SAP a little over two years ago. I started out as project support in IT, specifically communications, in what was then called Application Services. It was during this time I got to see a very interesting area of the business that many do not. Application Services, now called BIAS (Business Innovation and Application Services), is one of the groups at SAP who build the programs we as a company use internally.

Through the Business Women’s Network at Newtown Square, I had the chance to sign up for their Mentor Program. I was paired up with Michael Brenner, who at the time was building a team to run the Business Innovation site. After a few mentor sessions and learning what the site set out to accomplish, I couldn’t help but inquire if there was room for one more on the team.

It was successful and I am currently Content Curator for the site, working with internal marketing teams and external authors to discover, shape, place content; often writing myself. The site is meant to be a destination of insights, with a mission to earn our audience’s attention by helping them grow their business, outperform their competition and advance their careers.

What makes me Run with a Purpose at SAP?

I think purpose and passion are a love story. Without a purpose, you tend to lose track of whom you are and where you would like to end up. Without passion in your life, work can especially be dull and monotonous.

My personal passions are helping others and networking. It’s something that I seek to do as often as I can. These are the things which drive me and keeps me excited about what I do and where I work. Because often, meeting new people can lead to helping them and helping those people can lead you to meeting more. It’s this cyclical nature that gives me the purpose I crave to be the best employee and individual I can be.

When it comes to my day job I am always looking for content that will answer someone’s question, or give them that a-ha moment. When it’s me writing the content, I tailor my content to be a part of the journey to the answer.

When it comes to being an employee at SAP in general, I’ve found it’s easy to either be a help or by using my network to find that help someone requires. You know what the best part is? I have yet to meet a single person here who has said no to inquiries for support, guidance, or a networking meeting.

So really it’s the people I have met along my own journey, the people who I work with day-in and day-out who really make me Run With A Purpose at SAP. Thank you to all of you I’ve encountered! I hope I have or someday can return the favor!

Join the Challenge

To continue the challenge, I will blog it forward to Jennifer Coleman who will be sharing her story next week.

If you would like to join in on our conversation, please post a blog with “Blog It Forward Challenge” in your blog title and add the tags "run_with_purpose" and "blog_it_forward" to your post. Please respond back to one of the following questions:

  1. My purpose in my work is definitely not ___. I tried ___ out and after this experience I realized it really wasn't for me, but ___ is. (Give an example of something you tried that may not have worked out, or has helped redirect you to work that has been more enjoyable and rewarding for you.)
  2. What inspires you the most about your work right now?
  3. How do your passions contribute to your work here at SAP?
  4. How does having purpose/passions in your work at SAP allowed for success or advancement?
  5. How do you think your work create a positive impact for other people or the world?
  6. What does it mean to run with purpose and how does it relate to the work you do at SAP?

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