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My name is Geoff Gagesch and I am a member of the Global Presales Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here, we are training to become the new breed of Presales Solutions Engineers in our respective market units. In this 6-month Academy, we combine rigorous academic coursework with business soft skills to help prepare us for the Presales line of business, where a combination of deep SAP product knowledge and business acumen is required.

What makes me run with purpose at SAP?

What makes me run with purpose at SAP is the people. I love working with a diverse, global group of colleagues every day, as well as learning and growing through these interactions. As an Early Talent member of the Global Presales Academy, I have the unique opportunity to work with colleagues from all across the Americas every day. Our diverse identity truly embodies that of SAP – young, dynamic, and diverse.

\Before joining the Academy, I knew SAP only through the small lens of the Canadian market unit, as I worked as an Intern out of the Vancouver office. Now, however, I realize that SAP is more than just the sum of its individual market units, and that it is the global diversity through its people that gives SAP its character. Knowing and experiencing this diversity is what inspires me and makes me run.

As my fellow Academy Associates and I embark on the next phase of our Presales training in our respective market units, we bring with us a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from the diversity and global framework of our training.

With innovative and global customer engagement tools such as Design Thinking, we all have the power to be agents of change in our respective fields, challenging the status quo and pushing one another to think differently. Having the opportunity to be this agent of change, and to continue to learn from the diverse group of people around me, fuels my passion at SAP every day!