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Building test expertise is indeed essential in the growing world of software testing and we should start implementing different approaches or ideas in this realm. One such idea that clicked was real-time scenario implementation. There are many ways to do this, and I’m listing a few..

  1. Any module which has customers can easily understand the real time business and try to implement their business processes. Else we can imagine ourselves as a customer and still can proceed with this.
  2. We can also reach out to Custom Development team to get real time customer scenarios for our topics.
  3. Another easy approach to do this is to pull out all the customer messages pertaining to each key cap, analyze them and frame customer scenarios out of it.

In this way we can add numerous real time scenarios to our test bed. Each scenario can be prioritized, implemented and tested during every SP taking turns.

I was traversing through many websites  which has real time loyalty management like ,, e.t.c and found it needs many z code implementations to frame their scenarios. Finally i ended up watching the website

where i found some scenarios which could be incorporated into our test bed.

Below are my sample real time scenario implementations from Lufthansa airways:

Scenario 1: For a free travel consuming the miles from Bangalore – Dusseldorf…


Create Loyalty Program with Type as “World Flyer Plus”.

Create a rule with details as shown below.

Go to se38 and run the report “RLOY_ENGINE_CACHE_REFRESH”.

Create a membership with the loyalty program and any member.

Create a campaign with the below details. [Mail form template creation is required which is shown in the screen shot below].

Create a member activity of Type “Flight” and give the necessary details as below and process the member activity. 

Mail is received by the member with the ticket details.

Assumption: Voucher = Ticket.

Scenario 2: Using miles to buy the partner products:

Create Loyalty Program with Type as “World Flyer Plus”. 

Create a membership with the loyalty program and any member.

Create a rule as shown below:

Go to se38 and run the report “RLOY_ENGINE_CACHE_REFRESH”.

Maintain the below setting in SPRO:

SAP Reference IMG -> Customer Relationship Management -> Marketing -> Loyalty Management -> Channel Integration -> Define Mixed payment for Sales Order Integration.

Create a Sales order of transaction type LTAR

Enter the details below and save the transaction.

Product is bought using the miles.

Scenario 3: Buying miles

Create a loyalty program and membership as created for above 2 scenarios

Create a RR with the below parameters:


Product – 1000 miles

Type – Earning potential


Earn points

Point type:  Miles

Points: 1000


Go to se38 and run the report “RLOY_ENGINE_CACHE_REFRESH”

Create a sales order of type LTAB

[Here we use the product for e.g. as 1000 miles to buy miles]

Thanks. :smile: