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          Now a day’s studying Engineering becomes a normal thing..Everyone wants to be an Engineer without knowing what is Engineering . Even I too started my career without knowing about Engineering.

And whenever someone asked ‘what do u want to become in future? ’, we all in our class used to say that we are going to become ‘ A software Engineer or a programmer ’  without knowing what is the role of a software engineer  or how a programmer should be. And this is how our education system teaches us.

As I wished I started my career as a programmer  and learnt many things about how to be a good  programmer through my experience. So I wish to share few things  about the qualities of a good programmer.

I would like to say some key qualities of a good programmer through my knowledge.

1) Passion:

                                I think this should be the most important key quality because   “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”. You cannot achieve anything without being passionate on it. I believe that good developers are always passionate about programming. Good developers would do some programming even if they weren’t being paid for it. Good programmers will have a tendency to talk your ear off about some technical detail of what they’re working on (but while clearly believing, sincerely, that what they’re talking about is really worth talking about).

2) Problem solving:

                          It’s really important that a programmer can solve problems on their own. He should  have a capacity to think logically and solve the problems in a right manner.  He should suppose to find solutions that fit the situation best. Solutions need to be cost effective, with good risk analysis and quality. And this quality comes when you are good at maths.

3) Looking for right things:

                          According to me the person who memorizes all the syntax and coding is not a complete programmer he should have a ability to think where to use the syntax. When you don’t know how to fix your code, chances are that you head to Google. A good programmer should be able to scan the web to learn what they need to do to make their code work.

4) Self teaching and love of learning:

                                Programming is a skillful art which is developed over a period of years by regular practice and good work experience. You should always opt for being an active learner 24 x 7 as technologies change at a real rapid rate and you need to keep up with it if you want to survive the competition. No one is going to remember what you did a few years ago or what programs you developed.

5) Work On Multiple Technologies :

                                Many programmers stick only to their desired platform for development and are not ready to transfer their skills to other programming technologies. This is not really an ideal situation. You need to gain exposure to multiple programming platforms out there. Real life applications are developed using a combination of languages and technologies .So you should be ready to work on multiple technologies so that you can gain more knowledge.