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Placement, a single musical note that is used by some to make the youngsters to dance for their tunes. The most unfortunate scenario is to find youngsters to fall in their trap. This clearly states that youngsters in search of their aspiring Job fails to build their own path towards it and starts following some paths suggested by others, later they will realize that this was not the destination they desired to reach. In short they hand over their dream to someone else and expect them to construct in exact way they wished to which is never going to happen. Hope no civil engineer is reading this blog :smile:

Technically, if you dare to dream then try building your own original path version to it rather than using some cracked version because later you may realize that you don’t have an option for auto up-gradation.

In this Blog I would like to enlighten you all the truths and facts behind getting a job and in reaching our desired positions in life.

Know Your Fight:

Its better to know your fight before you start it. The art of winning a fight doesn’t depend on choosing the right fight but rather in choosing the right weapon. Again the chosen weapon will get its full credit only when it is used by the right person. Yes, you are that person and the technology that you choose is the weapon to fight against this world full of techno war.

Its always better to know your strength before choosing the technology of your choice. Explore the options, know the one which can help you best and then suit up yourself with it.

What is a Right Placement?

Right placement depends on how much leverage that the Job provides in achieving the next level. Your profile must always be in search of up-gradation just like technologies. Right placement will hold all these attributes. Don’t get faked by false promises given by few institutions. There is a lot of difference in swimming in a pool and in a ocean. A good job is not the one that pay you but the reality of the job lies how much rich does it make you through knowledge. Sadly “Most of us are eager in earning rather learning”. Earn a job only through the knowledge and talent you posses. Only this attitude can help you holding it. The right Job should help you in building a career out of it, rather serving you for a couple of years.


We all know the statistics about the fresher joining in IT industry but do you have any idea on the percentage of the drop outs? It is also dangerously high. And that’s the exact reason for huge opening for fresher every year. What do you think the reason for such a surge? It is all because of the wrong choice that they have made earlier. We all know “Well Begun is Half Done” but most of us really forgot that the remaining half is yet to be done. A good start in the career can impress others but only an accomplished career will make people to follow your path. Be a light of your path for others rather closing it completely.

Acceptance of being in Fight:

The foremost mistake that everyone commits is getting into an ideology of mission accomplished, once we get our offer letter. What we fail to understand is we have just begun our battle in this technological world war. Understand and more importantly accept the fight, learn and know your work. Keep working with a hope of understanding new things rather hoping to get it completed somehow. Enrich your ideas and to do that make yourself rich in knowledge first.


Being said all these, it depends on each and every individual to extract out the real value of this blog. If there is one factor that brought you till here in this blog, it is your thirst for knowledge. Ensure that you have an unquenchable thirst with respect to knowledge.

Hope this blog will serve as a spark to lighten your forever glowing career. Its well known that Hard work will always be answered but ensure you work hard in the right path. To conclude,

“Know, Understand and finally Accept the Fight”


Thanks and Regards,

Satish Kumar Balasubrmanian