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Racism, sexism, injustice, pressure to perform, not feeling heard, not feeling seen, not feeling valued - do you know moments in your life when you experience some of this and you feel helpless to stand up for yourself? Or do you experience or remember moments when others experience just that? Do you find or found it hard to say or do anything?

If we look closely in life, we all experience moments of this kind, sometimes more clearly, sometimes less visibly. Sometimes we experience support, sometimes we feel alone. What all these moments have in common is: WE ourselves can make a difference, stand up for ourselves and also for others. It can be a seemingly small thing, a word, and yet it may cost us extra strength.

A few weeks ago I was at a concert of a young choir whose program is against racism. The concert was deeply moving, gave me goosebumps, and clearly showed: I can make a difference, no matter how small my words and actions may feel. One song had the title 'No more staying quiet' - and since then it accompanies me all the more through my everyday life in very different areas of life: No more staying quiet!

It sensitizes me for what is there: what needs to be supported and protected, what we may overlook and pass over, where we hope that it will solve itself or someone will surely find a solution, where we do not see ourselves in the position to look at it, to turn towards it or even be there in a caring way to initiate change and to support.

-> I have only one precious life - so let's not be quiet about standing up for ourselves, feeling seen, heard, valued. I can set boundaries, I can say no, I can recognize that I don't have to do everything alone, seeking for help and support. And I can stand up for others, against racism and sexism, for equality and peaceful coexistence
-> I am not made to stay alone and care only for myself – be loud(er) by standing beside others, aware that they also face challenges, stress, loss or tragedy sometime in their life like I do.
-> I only have this one planet that we all share - so let's not be quiet when it comes to protecting it! It is not always easy to motivate people to change habits; but doing and saying nothing for fear of opposition will not save the future of all of us!

  • Will I always succeed in no longer staying quiet myself? No! I, too, have moments when I say nothing, don't find the right words, shy away from conflict, am too emotionally upset, don't feel understood.

  • Do I always find a good way to be loud/er? No! I, too, experience moments in which I bump people over the head, do not pick them up where they are at the moment with their view of things.

  • Do I capitulate as a consequence? No! If I am quiet after all, I practice self-compassion to not to judge myself, look at what could support me to become louder next time. And then I practice it, step by step, for myself, for my fellow human beings, yes, also for our planet.

I do learn something from all these moments. I can sharpen more and more to never be quiet again! Does this resonate with you?

Let me close by saying: I hear you - and I encourage you to become louder first and foremost for yourself, but also for others and the planet!

Kindest, Urte