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Well I guess you people are not bored...... 

Then I started following few online sites in SAP like ToolBox and I joined SDN. I followed these sites daily and kept on reading the concerns of people. And, I took participation in discussions regarding why no jobs after certification. Quite frustratingly I use to communicate that we should also be give a fair chance. Then, I was communicated by a "Top gun", he asked me what I used to do in my free time. In between the lines he guided me to keep myself updated with the present scenarios in SAP which I did. (To all freshers- when the big names in SAP help site guides you read between the lines there's a lot you can get from it). I too kept continuing, however, I was still doing my job in IBM.

I then took a decision to twist my CV so that I can appear in interviews and get to know more about SAP. I knew that this is going to be a very bold decision which can also blacklist my resume. However, I thought of taking a chance, I knew with this knowledge in to SAP, I will not be able to crack any interview, but I can learn. I have used 2 end-to-end implementation in my CV and started giving interviews (including face-to-face). I still remember when I go for face-to-face, I make myself ready (to be hanged). Luckily, I came outside from every interviews without getting mu clothes torn apart (but literally it always happen). After coming out from the interview room, I quickly jot down each questions I remember that was asked to me. Reaching home, I search it on SDN, check it and laugh at the answer I have given.

Once, one interviewer asked me, how did u put the material master data in to SAP. I replied manually :oops: . When I saw the smile on the interviewers face, I got to know that I might have said something very stupid. And, I quickly answered, "Sir, the master data were not that much so client said that they will manually put it: :shock: . Reaching home, I searched "How to upload master data in SAP" - Answers - BDC, LSMW - what are those. Not in my book. :lol:

in my next meeting, I asked my guru, and he made me understand that showing some examples. In many interviews, I was hit black and blue, however, my only motive was to learn and learn and get the questions from the interviewer. I now sometimes think what might be the interviewer thought of me at that time.......

Interview timing got extended gradually from 5 mins to 10, 10 to 20 and so on. And, during Skype rounds, I used to keep right in front of me all the Table and Fields names, the T-codes. Once, I did not remember the Service Entry Sheet T-code.... :smile: . Leave the table and fields... hahahaha....

There was a time, most of the question was from my repository bank only.

Well, I never encourage anyone to follow the fake thing (But, you can try it, I bet you will get a lot to learn)

The confidence in me built up and I started using my own profile in few interviews where the experience level asked was low. However, never for the Big 4 companies, I use to continue with that. And, to remember which profile I have given to whom, I maintained an excel file. :twisted:

Then, I got an opportunity at Kolkata for a private firm, where the management were trying for SAP Partner (they are a leading group in to other ERP). Here, I got to learn SAP a bit more. There were some Big Profile from IBM, Delloite, Wipro, TCS who use to come on Saturdays and bombared us with new requirement and we have to showcase it in another week. Apart from this, we learnt how to deal with clients, the importance of team work, Never to give weird answers to client and a lot more. Thanks to all my colleagues, everyone is placed now with big companies and across the Globe too.

This is where I think I have put my foot in to SAP. Following people in SDN, read the post in SDN Daily etc. I then got a chance to work as an Associate Consultant with Ernst & Young in a project at Delhi. I always use to pick my diary and follow my senior consultants at meetings, discussions etc. I went to Plants to train users/if any issues were there. Still, I was not able to answer any questions single handed as I thought to myself - Am I correct. I am ever grateful to Mr. Hari Shanker Singh who always helped me on each occasion. My confidence build up and I have moved to my current company where I was individually sent to a Project for implementing MM and that too also with CIN.

[An interesting story - Once I went for an interview at Bangalore, after the interview I met my friends at bangalore and we sat for a drink. It took near about 40-45 minutes for me to reach to SAP labs from airport. And I thought that it will hardly take 1 hour when I return back. Unfortunately it took near about 2 hours time and I missed my flight. And, to add on I have forgot to bring my Cards and left with no money. One gentleman from Indian Airlines made my ticket back to Delhi from Bangalore the next day in the early morning flight. I had to sleep without food (though the beer was there inside me). And, upon reaching Delhi, I payed this gentleman - thanks. And, I pledge that sometime I too will help a needy]

My first project, before doing anything I made sure that I searched everything and make a note for the things to be taken care of. Also, I had my guidance (which is very much required for a fresher in SAP). Some of the critical issues have been take care, I owe to all my seniors, friends who guided me. And, here I am - there is still a lot to learn and miles to go...............

I had a few friends already in SAP whom I asked for my recommendation to get a Job in SAP. I can now understand how difficult it is to really recommend someone.

Few things I would like to put in for any freshers who read this Blog:

* First, never leave your Job to learn SAP. Continue with your old one and learn SAP. I got to know a story about a guy, who put all his money including his fathers money for cancer treatment, left his job to learn SAP. After completion he did not got a Job initially and he had to loose everything.

* Never loose your hope, keep on learning and learning.

* Make someone your Guru (Buddy), follow him. If possible, get in touch with him through email/phone. SDN too is here. But, in return you will also need to help someone like you who is struggling.

* Curb all your anger and learn to be patient. Increase your listening (not hearing) abilities. You will need to listen more to know what the client wants to tell you. Every patient that comes to a doctor complaining about Stomach ache will not have the same treatment. You will need to know the problems at first then diagnose.

* Never say "No" at the first instance. If you are unaware of the situation ask some time and tell that you will get back. Something you incorrectly say may back fire as "Some People does not forget - :wink: "

* And, finally learn to be a Team Player.

Thanks to everyone for reading this and regards to all. Huvo rati - Good Night.......