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livia.botyanszkiboss is currently attending Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she is completing her MBA. Livia was chosen to go to the SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 conference by one of the Management Information Systems (MIS) professors at Dalhousie University because of her ambitious attitude and finishing at the top of one of her MIS classes. She possesses a great passion for all of SAP products and has been immersing herself in the ecosystem to gain better understanding of software, data visualization and Big Data - an area where she feels she needs to work on most.

Meeting Livia was amazing; she is a genuine down-to-earth, caring lady. Her passion shows through her desire to bring SAP curriculum to all university students, as well as her passion on planning to become an SAP ERP Simulation class teacher's assistant. Livia's passion and ambition with SAP further shows by her refusal to take "no" for an answer. After failing to win the University Alliances' competition at SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 (that would have given her the chance to go to a TechEd2015 conference), Livia found a new opportunity with SABOC to hopefully receive the chance to attend another SAP conference and continue promoting Dalhousie University and University Alliances.

          Here is Livia Botyanszki Boss' 'SAP Success Story':

What successes have you achieved with the help of the SAP Community/SCN? How has the SAP community/SCN benefited you?

I'm currently a part of an ASUG Development Wars team that is competing at SABOC next month. I am very honoured to be working with the professionals on my team. I suppose, this is a bit of a personal achievement because if I had not gotten involved with SAP University Alliances, I wouldn't have had this opportunity. I'm gaining some great connections and learning a lot about SAP and Big Data technology in general.

Is there a time you felt as though you’ve failed at something that affects SAP? How did you overcome this/what did you learn?

At the SAPPHIRE NOW conference, we had a competition amongst the SAP University Alliances students for a chance to win a trip to TechEd2015. I feel that I failed because I didn't win and won't be able to represent Dalhousie University at the conference. To "overcome" this, there are various opportunities such as theSABOC that I am engaging in and I am currently involved in an independent study around SAP and Big Data. Hopefully, through these activities, there will be more recognition for Dalhousie's SAP University Alliances involvement.

What are your current/future goals in terms of being a part of SAP community? Please be specific.

I'm currently involved in an independent study regarding SAP Big Data and Design thinking. I plan on being ateacher's assistant for an SAP ERP Sim related course in the fall, I am also taking an advanced ERP Sim course in the fall and a Business Analytics course in the winter which will position me for the SAP Student Recognition Award in the spring. I hope to remain engaged with the SAP community and attend the SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 next spring.

If you could work on any project(s) that would benefit yourself and SAP, what would it be and why?

Currently, I am most interested in big data analytics and visualization. If I could work on a project that combined that with something related to the environment such as marine conservation or environmental sustainability - that would be my ideal. Why? Because I believe in the tremendous value that lies in data for improving the lives of everyone and everything on this planet.

If you were the CEO of SAP for a year what changes would you make?

I would improve university education by providing SAP tools for free to university students, creating a curriculum to effective teach SAP skills, and providing avenues for university students to engage in global SAP projects that will actually have an impact.

Do you have an SAP Success Story to share? Please contact me on SCN to set up a short interview or fill out this template:SAP Success Story. The idea is to gain insights into what helped execute your successes in the SAP ecosystem, as well as showcase the impact you have made within the community and the impact the community has made to you! You can also tag a nominee and encourage them to blog their SAP Success Story as well as tag myself so the data can be collected.

Thank you,

Sam Alexander

Student SAP Mentor 2015