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Story originally authored by Rebecca Pollock, Senior Director of Global Sponsorships at SAP.

Rebecca tells us about her time traveling the Formula 1 circuit, meeting with the McLaren team, and representing SAP!

Formula One, familiarly known as F1, is truly an emotional experience.  Hands down, it’s the coolest and most technical sporting event that I’ve ever been fortunate enough to see first-hand.  Whether I’m in the McLaren Honda suite conversing with our customers on how SAP HANA has transformed the IT landscape of the McLaren Technology Group or peering over the ledge filming Fernando Alonso’s #14 car zip in for a pit stop, I feel as though I’m in the action.  Exposure to this dynamic atmosphere that money can't buy sparks one to believe that anything is possible and, much like an F1 driver, one is inspired to perform better and to be a winner.  Before even watching my first race, I heard it as I entered the Paddock Club and at that moment I knew I was hooked.  It’s exciting.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s simply, the best.  Being at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza recently reinforced two things: my love for and belief in SAP (just celebrated 12 years!) and my much newer love of Formula One.

The synergy between SAP and F1, especially our long-standing partnership with McLaren, echoes how technology is paramount, laser focus attention at every moment is required, and the drive for excellence and winning is innate.  The coupling of SAP and McLaren intertwines the same values of integrity, passion, and the desire to improve people’s lives; it’s a prime example of how man and machine unite to positively reshape the world.  While McLaren is known for its F1 World Championships and uber-cool Supercars (I’ve got my eye on that 570GT!), McLaren Applied Technologies harnesses the knowledge, experience, and technology gleaned from the racing team and applies it to industries, such as healthcare and energy, expanding the impact and importance of F1 beyond the racetrack.

In a sport full of noise, McLaren is anything but.  Their operation is meticulous and uncluttered, allowing them to focus solely on their drive to be the best.  To be the first.  We could all learn from removing the noise of life which only serves to bog us down and hinder us from dreaming big.  While you may never be a Formula One Driver, if you want to experience life in the fast, innovative lane, just hop into the SAP supercar.  It’s a wild ride, but when your options are limitless and your drive is in high gear--just like the SAP/McLaren partnership--you’ll achieve your goals and be a part of a winning team.


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