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This blog post got published first on LinkedIn.

As I am trying to write my very first post about my experience as a mother I am wondering how much I have changed in the last 20 months or so. Physically or mentally how much we do change as a woman... as a mother. We start putting someone else as our first utmost priority. We do everything to keep that little bundle of joy safe and happy and healthy. We just wait the whole day to see the smiles on those lips...they are part of us and yes they deserve the best from us.

In this marathon of life where we have enough to handle.. enough to achieve; why having a baby and then working on your goals seems so difficult to many! Why many women take that step to sacrifice their dreams, to leave their career goals unfinished, to take a step back in their growing careers! What if we are a mother now doesn't mean that we are not a woman anymore filled with dreams, aspirations, and ambitions. Self-worth still has the same worth and no one can change this fact of life.

Why men are not tagged as working fathers but women are known as working mothers. Why this stereotypes... we live in a society where we talk about diversity and inclusion we talk about equality then why when a woman becomes a mother she is expected to leave her career for the little one or why she is the only one who should take all the considerations in order to make everyone happy! Why we do have maternity leaves for 6 months and paternity leave for a week! Isn't it the responsibility of both parents and not just the mother?

I found the support in form of my spouse, I didn't take a break after my maternity leaves, accepted a new role, and worked hard to make a difference, that yes I am still the same person who can do wonders. In fact, I took an opportunity to go for a business trip just after 3 months of my joining. Many women struggle with this post-maternity battle while they are already fighting with their body changes and many more changes that occur to them. Women need this emotional, physical, and mental support from their spouses their families as well as from their colleagues at their workplaces to the most extent after this life phase, and its unfortunate that many of us give up then and there, we don't get that support from our families our workplaces our team's members.

Let us never forget our own existence, let us never forget our dreams, our aspirations. No one can steal your identity until the moment you allow others to. Emerge as stronger, even more confident, more determinant, and more powerful within you and show the world what you are. You are not just a mother who is working, You are much more than that are the most wonderful and strongest woman on this earth.

Make your loved ones your STRENGTH, not your Weakness.

Pic caption - my first working day post maternity. 🙂
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