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The Leaders@SAP campaign is a series of personal stories that give you a look at our inspiring leadership at SAP.

This story comes from John Sarac, Head of Practice Unit Chemical & Life Sciences, EMEA

"In the past two years I have hired a couple of career starters for the consulting business. One of these colleagues started about 6 months ago. After an onboarding phase we were able to position him in our development department to work on a new solution. He quickly took over responsibility for important tasks and I was excited about his dedication and the potential he was showing. But it wasn’t just me who noticed his ability, my colleagues from development were aware of his talent and offered him the opportunity to take over a role as a product owner. I could have been sad or disappointed to lose such a great talent to another team but instead I am proud of the success he has achieved.

To establish an environment where people can be at their best is crucial for our success. Finding and developing amazing talents for our company is one of my high priority tasks and it’s one of the tasks I like best." #DevelopAmazingTalent

Stay tuned for our next installment of Leaders@SAP!


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