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The Leaders@SAP campaign is a series of personal stories that give you a look at our inspiring leadership at SAP.

This story comes from Brad Brubaker, SVP and General Counsel for SAP Global Field Operations, North America.

Working at SAP since 1994 has allowed me many opportunities to develop and guide leaders within the SAP family. During this time, my proudest leadership moments have been mentoring employees who came to me with aspirations of moving from tactical roles to strategic leadership roles. I was able to mentor and coach individuals over a period of several years and ultimately help them obtain their leadership positions. Some were employees in my team but many were employees in other teams. My mentoring experience was also beneficial for me.

Mentoring is a two way street, often times I learned as much being a mentor as the person I was mentoring. It taught me how to balance an individual’s needs with those of the company in order to encourage his or her growth and development. It also taught me how to look at an individual’s challenges, and my challenges, from multiple perspectives.

This, in turn, changed the way I worked with my team, which I believe contributed to my team’s high trust and engagement scores.

Stay tuned for our next installment of Leaders@SAP!


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