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Community Advocate
Community Advocate
In our last Coffee Corner Meet-up I had the honor to host the meditation session with urte.thoelke. She is a colleague of mine, a Mindfulness Trainer and Mentor at SAP and is conducting regularly Mindfulness trainings and meditations at SAP. We were talking about how she got into meditation and how she became a Mindfulness Trainer and what kind of further tools she uses to stay mindful. When she mentioned “Journaling” I was excited because I reminded myself about using this tool regularly some years ago, after I participated in one of SAP’s Mindfulness Trainings. And I thought it’s a great idea to pick up this topic for the next Coffee Corner Meet-up and introduce this practice to the community. Here we go: join our next session and learn to practice journaling on upcoming Thursday, October 1st at 3:00 pm CET. Register here.

But what is Journaling?

Similar to meditation, journaling is an exercise for self-awareness. In this case, you write down your thoughts and feelings, regardless of what they are. The goal is to understand yourself better and finally, it helps you to increase your self-awareness. Usually when we write we try to explain or communicate something, whereas journaling is just for yourself, jotting down whatever comes into your mind. No one will ever read it and it doesn’t matter what language you write or if you use the correct grammar. You can just let your thoughts flow into your piece of paper. urte.thoelke will guide you more in this session.


[source: SAP image library]


Are you curious now? An easy way to find out what it is and to give it a try is to join urte.thoelke in the next Coffee Corner Meet-up this Thursday.

I’ll be there – you too?
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