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As Roger Quinlan kicked off Month of Service with SAP’s Ted Talk with Jessica Jackley on Thursday, October 1 he reminded us to “get away from our desks,” “inspire our peers” and “give our time.”  Volunteering can help us to find new passions by reaching out and getting involved in something that we normally would not have had the time to do with the constraints of the work week.

To start off the month of service Roger invited a wonderful and inspirational guest speaker Jessica Jackley to speak at SAPsv.  Jessica is the co-founder of an organization called The mission of KIVA is to advance and connect people around the world through lending to alleviate poverty.  KIVA makes micro-loans to people to start a business.  These small loans some even as little as $100, provide a way for people living in poverty to start up a business and most importantly to improve their lives.

Jessica shared with us her insights about what it is that makes an entrepreneur successful.  Some people possess that entrepreneur spirit and others are road blocked by their own fears.  Jessica said that it boils down to the stories we tell ourselves.  To be successful, you have to believe that you can do something - in spite of the lack of resources, the naysayers and roadblocks (and buracracy).

People that believe.... succeed.  If you believe, before you know it you have figured out how to get what you want done.

For those not on twitter, Moya Watson @moyalynne captured some of the classic quotes from the Jessica Jackley SAP Talk.  Like a good glass of wine, savor each idea, twirl it around in your brain, smell it and see if the message appeals to your senses, and then enjoy the glass (hopefully with others too!). One sip at a time, one step at a time, achieve who you want to be in life.


  • “How do you inspire creativity in your kids?  It is already there.  Your job is to not mess it up.”
  • “Sometimes you have to redefine success to be successful.  Resist pressures to be who you’re not.  In work and in relationships.”
  • “Don’t perpetuate the stories that make us poorer – that convince us that less, not more, is possible.”
  • “What is entrepreneurship? The pursuit of opportunity regardless of resources currently controlled.”
  • “Why do some people not achieve their full potential?  It comes down to the stores we tell ourselves .....”

I want to thank Roger for bringing Jessica to SAP.  Her message was clear.  Let go of your old stories.  Look inside and find your entrepreneur spirit.  Put yourself in a mind-set to learn and improve our world.  We can all make a difference.

Enjoy Month of service - volunteer with your peers

Make the world a better place

It can really be that simple.

Just a reminder, if you have not yet signed up for an event – just go to the Silicon Valley Jam page and you will see a list of exciting and fun things you can do.  It is an amazing opportunity and it says a lot about the great company that SAP is that they support and encourage us all to get involved.

P.S.  For more information about KIVA - and how you can help check out their website

P.S.S.  For more information about the United Nations sustainable goals to end extreme poverty read the Brooking Brief write-up.