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SAP Labs Latin America’s employees showed prototypes at the Internet of Things Pavillion for the visitors at SAP Forum Brazil. All these were produced during SAP Labs LA Innoweek, from November 14th to 21st. The developments were a big success. People made line to see them and while they waited, they could peek through holes intentionally made, at the walls around the showcase. In addition to that, managers for the soccer team, Grêmio, presented a solution designed by SAP Labs LA; they even brought an athlete to perform at the booth.

The prototypes exposed at the showcase were:

Agricultural industry prototype that manages the crops to increase results and efficiency of the plantation in an environmentally friendly way. It also collects information (humidity, air temperature, plant temperature, luminosity, height of the plant and a special picture to infer an NDVI value to it) using sensors that upload it to SAP HANA Database. After this, the data can be analyzed by the user through a multi device application written using HTML5 and SAPUI5. If a more personal experience is required by the costumer, the SAP Lumira may be used, it’s an analytical tool that allows data to be cross-referenced.

HALP (Health and Life Platform) that monitors vital signs in real time and assists diseases through historical data using predictive analytics. It’s a wearable that can be connected to any device that sends data to the platform to process. Besides that, it can create applications to read the data and present it. To show how it works, there is a baby at the showcase, whose vital signs, temperature and position are captured and took to an app developed using ui5, which can send an alert for the parent.

The SmartBuilding allows a building to monitor the environment and lets employees interact with their workplace. It’s a mobile app, connected to multiple sensors distributed in the building, which allows measuring and controlling office important information, such as desktop light, temperature, office noise, available parking slots and office bathroom status. In addition, a tablet used by the maintenance team to keep control of the tasks is part of the project.

The Vending Machine was developed under the SAP HANA Platform. It can recognizes your face, remember your favorite products and refuses to sell products based on your age, medical records and dietary requirements. Also, it manages stock based on the weather and making predictions based on previous sales.

Congratulations to all the employees from SAP Labs LA that helped to make this work!

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