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As Talent Acquisition Intern, I work on creative content and use social media to highlight SAP Internship Experience Project (SAP iXp) including activities, intern success stories, and our company culture. SAP iXp is a robust ten-week program in 10 locations around the world. The opportunities are abundant, from marketing to human resources, finance and engineering. Interns from around the globe are challenged to bring their innovative perspective to the forefront their work.

I heard about Matt Watson, Pricing Analyst Intern who has recently pitched a new pricing plan to Concur President, Mike Eberhard.

Meet Matt

I was sitting in Hong Kong- no, just the meeting room in Concur’s Bellevue Headquarters unfortunately- anxiously awaiting Pricing Analyst Intern, Matt Watson. Matt’s background in Economics and Finance complete their five member Pricing Team which falls under Global Product Marketing. As Pricing Analyst Intern, Matt’s goal is to create and improve financial models that make understanding a company’s Return on Investment (ROI) clear. ROI is the benefit of an investment on something.

I knew little about Matt except he was at Concur only a few short weeks before completing and presenting his innovative project to our company President, Mike Eberhard. Upon arrival, I assured Matt that this would be a casual chat in hopes to highlight his success as an intern thus far. Between learning about this Seattle native’s favorite vacation spot in Encinitas, California and his Fourth of July plans, I quickly picked up on Matt’s brilliance. While attempting to graduate a year early, this University of California, Berkeley Junior is passionate about all things finance and problem-solving.

Pricing Analyst Intern Matt Watson

About the Project

It was day three of Matt’s first week when manager Carrie Miller assigned his first pricing plan project. Based on all the hype I have built, I am sure you will not be surprised to know that Matt completed the rough draft the following day.

The project itself is a client-facing ROI model. Matt’s ROI model will be placed in front of clients to see how much money they are going to save using our new product that will be rolled out later this summer. With Matt’s project in place, companies are able to identify their ROI and are more likely to purchase our product. The project is “working up the ladder” as Matt would say. It started as a pitch from his manager, led to a detailed draft and worked through glitches, and was then presented to Mike Eberhard.

After being approved by Mike, the next step is for Matt’s team to figure out how to train the sales teams on using the pricing model. The end goal? This ROI model will show companies how much money they can save by using our product and as a result, increase product sales.

What’s Next?

When talking about the importance of trust in the workplace, Matt stated that Carrie allows for greater freedom to run with certain projects. Matt responds, “I think what’s cool is that once you get in you figure out how your team operates, you can pick out problems or areas for improvement and then kind of take on your own project. It doesn’t have to be passed down from your manager.”

That trust between manager and intern has driven Matt to solve problems he has encountered in pricing models and has encouraged him to start another project. “The pricing team has one model that they do for all their analysis, kind of like a template. They have a lot of different templates they apply to different scenarios, so I’m trying to build one pricing model that can be more robust and can be applied towards all of the situations that could arise on the pricing side of things.” Matt recognized the inconsistency between using several pricing models, which led him to work towards creating one concise, structured model. He is already almost done with his second project and hopes to create a portfolio of his incredible work at the end of the summer.

Matt’s knowledge for spotting incongruences in economics allow for transparency and efficiency not only within Concur, but with their clients as well. Keep an eye out for Matt Watson, Pricing Analyst Intern and the impact he will make this summer. If you would like to learn more about our internship program, click here. I look forward to introducing you to some more of our summer interns soon!