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By Aniket Sagar, SAP iXp Intern, India Labs


What’s it like interning for a company that’s been ranked as #7 on Great Place to Work’s list of best companies to work for in India, and #2 in the Information Technology Industry?

I’m currently interning with SAP Labs India in their Cloud Service Center at Bangalore. I’m enthusiastic about working with SAP because each day I have a different problem in hand that challenges me to perform better. These past three months with SAP iXp have been a truly nurturing experience for me; I have developed both technical and corporate skill set by leaps and bounds.


Monotony? Dullness?

Sorry, I don't know what these words mean since I haven't had the opportunity to witness them at SAP Labs. Here, each day is brighter and merrier than the one before it.

Polish your skills:

With a plethora of activities on campus, SAP Labs provides you an opportunity to be the person you've always wanted to be. You may be a developer in the day, but by evening you will be reveling with your colleagues in various activities ranging from dance and music, to developing the orator within you at the Toastmasters club!

We care:

Don't we like it when someone cares for us? Well, SAP does. SAP puts a great deal of focus on the health of its employees. From providing a healthy diet at the workplace to encouraging employees to use the on-campus gym facilities. Trust me, it doesn't stop at that, we are provided with nutritious food and drinks as well!

Ready, set, go!

Ever felt that you're good at a sport but did not get a chance to prove your mettle? At SAP, you can choose from a plethora of sports. Not only do you get a chance to play, you also get a chance to compete with the best and learn from them!

Learning at SAP is not restricted to “geek stuff.” Each day is a learning experience on its own.

Endless networking:

With SAP Labs India, the SAP's largest Research and Development center outside its headquarters in Germany and a part of a connected lab network of 19 labs in 16 countries, you get an opportunity to work with a team and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Each person brings a different solution to the table.

SAP Labs India provides you with first-hand experience of working in a diverse environment. Exciting, isn't it?

Not a social person? It's time to open up because at SAP you will build a network of working professionals that goes far beyond the borders of your workplace.

The family you never had:

Develop a bond that knows no boundaries, build friendships that stand the test of time and last forever.

Be at SAP, the place to be!


About the author:

niket Sagar hails from Faridabad, India. He’s pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. He is an avid reader, and Quora is his food for thought. He also loves meeting new people and getting to know their story. Outside the office you’ll find him either playing lawn tennis or badminton.