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A global innovation event series started last year within the SAP Labs network called PLUGin. The purpose is that SAP engineers gather together regularly and completely informally to share their experiences and show their results with their favorite hardware gadgets or private software projects that may even be eventually relevant for the innovation happening within SAP. This is kind-of a „new technology meetup” internally for SAP people.

Recently PLUGin reached Hungary as well, and so far we’ve held 2 events. The topics shown so far have included a big variety of things:

  • a home-made remotely controllable thermostat and a small robot vehicle, both using Arduino microcontroller technology
  • a siren loudly and highly visibly indicating to software engineers that the central build of their project failed and needs immediate attention, using Raspberry Pi (a credit-card sized computer) to control the special hardware
  • a robot vehicle created by a team of kids for the FIRST LEGO League competition, solving various complex tasks fully autonomously
  • demoing Scratch, a software development environment, created for kids, to learn computer programming easily

These meetups have clearly shown how many amazing geeks we have within SAP, and in the upcoming era of the Internet of Things, this gadget mania is an excellent basis for creating lots of innovative IT solutions.

You can follow these events on Twitter:

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