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Team effectiveness helps employees integrate, increases employee satisfaction, and improves productivity. Cloverleaf, a startup in the Future of Work cohort at the SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco, helps to build great teams and improve employee engagement using existing employee data and assessments to provide insight into increased team effectiveness. We sat down with Cloverleaf Co-Founder Darrin Murriner to better understand the imperative for building great teams.


Q: What does Cloverleaf do?

A: Cloverleaf helps build great teams and improve employee engagement using existing employee data and assessments to provide insight into increased team effectiveness. From teams at small businesses to large enterprises, we equip employers and empower employees to give the greatest contribution to their organization and have the most fulfilling opportunity in their role. Cloverleaf gives users intelligent nudges and reminders before and after meetings to improve their team behavior.

Q: Why is team effectiveness so important?

A: Thriving teams have higher levels of productivity and higher levels of employee engagement. Creating strong teams is important because decreased levels of employee engagement lead to higher absenteeism, more errors, accidents and defects, lower productivity, lower profitability, and lower job growth.

Q: How has the pandemic impacted the need for Cloverleaf’s solution?

A: With many employees now working remotely, teams need to learn how to add value to their organization in a new environment. By providing team-based coaching in the flow of work, we give leaders the tools and insights they need to be effective leaders with remote and cross-functional teams. The goal of our product is to increase transparency and trust in a way that leaves everyone feeling a stronger sense of belonging and purpose. As a result, we have inclusive team environments that improve productivity.

Q: How has Cloverleaf’s solution changed to adapt to a majority of teams working from home?

A: We actually have not changed! Our solution provides nudges and insight into how teams should interact, whether they are remote or in-person. Cloverleaf started the conversation around remote teams two years ago because it was a pain point for many companies who could not figure out how to have successful remote teams. Even today, teams are struggling to figure out how to work remotely full-time, including ours.

Q: What has the Cloverleaf team learned from working from home?

A: We learned that we are more perseverant than we give ourselves credit for. Even though we are working from home full time, we are still capable of great productivity.

We have seen that the biggest negative impact of working from home is the toll on our mental health because we are experiencing a deficit of social interactions. However, the Cloverleaf solution improves social interaction, so we are benefitting from it together and seeing how our solution impacts other teams in small and big ways.

Q: How is Cloverleaf continuing to grow through the challenging pandemic times?

A: We recently topped 400,000 users and plan to surpass 1 million in 2021. We are thrilled to serve so many customers. Additionally, we were recently named one of the top 30 startups to watch by the UNMET conference, which is an investor group focused on investing in startups between the coasts.

Q: Where can readers go to learn more about Cloverleaf?

A: To learn more about Cloverleaf and the team effectiveness solution we provide, visit our website or follow us on Twitter.