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Perhaps you've heard of Humans of New York (HONY), the five-year-old vibrant photograph-blog-turned-#1-New-York-Times-best-selling-book run by a man named Brandon that provides a worldwide audience with daily glimpses into the lives of the people in New York City. Inspired by HONY, we decided to do our own spinoff and call it Humans of SAPsv. Each week, through the end of December, we'll feature three employees complete with their picture, name, title, Twitter handle, and snippets of their passion for SAP, their commitment to their colleagues and community, and what inspires them both inside and outside of SAP.

As we wind down our Humans of SAPsv weekly series, we are bringing to you a special edition for the last two weeks: The Humans Behind Team SAPsv.

Enjoy learning more about your colleagues and the team who engages employees across all Silicon Valley campuses. Meet the people behind the marquee programs and initiatives you have come to enjoy, and the team who delivers important news and communications to your desktops on a weekly basis.

See the Humans of SAPsv Weekly Series on SAPsv Jam.


Arunima Kumar
Integrated Marketing Specialist


Joe Dabaghian
Director, Labs US Programs

Soon Leong
SAPsv Marketing & Community Engagement

What are you passionate about at SAP?
SAP is working on some very cool projects in Silicon Valley with partners and customers. Being in the midst of these game-changing ideas is exciting and I am passionate about sharing these project stories. I have learned about some of these projects through a fast facts series, Did You Know, that I initiated to spotlight innovation and customer win stories from across teams and campuses.

What’s your favorite thing about at SAP?
There are people at SAP from all parts of the world and with diverse interests, passions, and expertise. That’s what I enjoy most about work-life here. It’s the chance to have these interesting conversations, learn something new, and get inspired by the people around me. I’ve met some trailblazing women through a blog series I curated, Women@SAPsv, and learning about their career paths and passions at SAP has been enriching.

If you could travel back in time, which year would you travel to and why?
I’d fly back to the care-free middle school years and spend more time outdoors, read more for fun than to study, and try as many new activities as I can to find things I care about, from mountain hikes to learning to playing a musical instrument.

You’re on a deserted island, which three items do you have and why?
Matchsticks for a fire to keep me warm and signal for help, the Harry Potter book series to keep my mind busy, and a pot for cooking.

What are you passionate about at SAP? 
The power of one SAP Silicon Valley. No other SAP region is like SAPsv; we have been at the epicenter of SAP’s acquisition action over the past eight years. The potential here is enormous and if we can honor our histories while getting fanatical about crossing boundaries to create new value and vision for our customers there is no end to what we can accomplish.

What’s your favorite thing about SAP?
The team that I am a part of. We’ve been through some crazy days, learned to work and flex together, and continue to find new ways to do our best for each other and for SAPsv. And we crack each other up which makes the journey fun and funny. In my experience, a team like this is a rare find and I’m grateful to be with them.

What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and why?
Denzel Washington. He’s a phenomenal actor who’s earned the respect of the people he’s worked with. In the midst of those successes he comes across as genuine and humble in an industry not known for those qualities. And he’s done those things while keeping his marriage, his family, and his faith a priority. I know I’d walk away inspired but also challenged–as it should be.

You’re on a deserted island, which three items do you have and why?
My bike, an iPad full of good books, and the phone number of a great restaurant that delivers. A good bike because I would definitely be on one of those mountainous, tropical islands with an endless supply of great climbs, views, and descents. Good books because with two toddlers my book stack needs some serious attention. And a great restaurant because food is more than nutrition and a deep wine list makes the life of contemplative repose that much more wondrous.

What are you passionate about at SAP?
I am passionate about our SAPsv Ambassadors & SAPsv Affinity Group programs! It is uplifting to work with a group of dedicated, motivated, and enthusiastic employees committed to creating a one SAPsv community. I am amazed by the dedication and creativity these individuals bring towards making SAPsv the most exciting place to work.

What’s your favorite thing about SAP?
My favorite thing about SAP is undoubtedly the people. We have the most diverse, talented, brilliant, hilarious, and devoted employees around. I love the chance to socialize with new colleagues at SAPsv events and introduce employees to someone they may not yet know. The opportunity to spend time, collaborate, and learn from colleagues across the offices has been deeply valuable. Lastly, I always enjoy making such fun memories together at the SAPsv Winter Party. My favorite part of the evening was dancing with many of you at the Silent Disco. Our employees, without a doubt, have the greatest energy and best dance moves around. The people we have at SAP are what makes this company top-notch!

Tell me a short joke.
What did one potato chip say to the other?
Let’s go for a dip!
Who’s hungry now? I bet you are!

Little known fact, I L-O-V-E chips 😃

Which celebrity would you like to meet at Taco Bell for nachos and why?
I would love to meet Chrissy Teigen at Taco Bell! I love her sense of humor and appreciate how much she loves food. I would ask all about her travels, website, upcoming cookbook, and favorite jokes. I think we would become the best of friends!

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