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Blog posts are a great way for SAP, customers, and partners to share advice, insights into career trends, new opportunities, and personal success stories.
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Welcome to our newly launched Career Corner - we’re glad you’re here!

This is the place to explore different paths and learn from and with like-minded members, connect with them, and find out more about open positions in the SAP ecosystem. Even if you are not actively looking for a job, joining Career Corner can open up new paths that you hadn’t considered.

Career Corner is a space where you can ask your peers for career advice, share certification recommendations, and interview guidance. It also provides you with the chance to post and find new job opportunities.

Start by exploring blog posts and discussions
Just like the other SAP Community Groups, Career Corner is home to blog posts and discussions. In Career corner, SAP mentors and other experts will share their success stories, and maybe even talk about what they would do differently if they had the chance.

Start by reading what others have to say, about learning journeys and certifications, and how different paths can lead you to different types of roles in the SAP ecosystem.

Review job opportunities and ask questions
Only Career Corner members can share job opportunities. When a member shares an opportunity, you have a chance to ask questions about the individual role. You can also ask more general questions about the career path that could prepare you for similar roles in the future.

You can ask your questions publicly as part of a discussion thread, which can generate a lively discussion within Career Corner. Or, if you are actively pursuing a new role and want to keep your search private, you can use the in-tool messaging tools to reach out directly to the person who posted the job opportunity.

Share a job opportunity
In case you are an SAP partner or SAP customer and your company is looking for SAP experts, we encourage you to share a job opportunity on Career Corner.  When you share an opportunity, other members of the group may ask you questions about the role or the career path to get there.

To share a job opportunity, go to Job Opportunity section in Career Corner and click the Share a Job Opportunity button.


You can select from different templates that fit your needs; we do recommend to select Job Opportunity or Internship Opportunity.


The template will help you to follow along the important parts that the job posting should entail.

Enter the title of your job posting and choose a title that shows the reference to SAP (it doesn’t have to be the exact same title of the actual job you’re posting) and describes what members can expect from your posting. Once you get into the template itself, you can surely also add your company logo to it, the official job title, job posting highlights (location, requirements, offerings, type of employment etc.), necessary links as well as relevant certifications and SAP learning journeys.


Once you entered all the information, apply associated products and labels with your posting. For the latter, at least one choice is required that you can choose from the provided selection. An additional option for you is to add a cover photo. If you want to edit all the information, but not yet publish it, you can schedule a time when your job posting should be published by the system. With all postings you do in here, make sure to keep in mind our Rules of Engagement.

Some guidelines that should be considered: 

  • To add a job posting you must be an SAP employee, SAP customer or SAP partner (S, I, D user)​​
  • There is a limit of 5 job postings per month per user​
  • Each posting should indicate appropriate SAP learning journeys and SAP certifications (see template)​
  • Job postings will be closed after 30 days (unless there is a request to keep open)​
  • Job postings will be reviewed within 3 business days

In case you’re interested in finding a new job opportunity and see a posting that is of interest to you, kudo on it! And surely, in case you have any questions or feedback, use the Reply functionality to get back to the author of the post.

I am looking forward to seeing your exchange on career experience here in our group and I hope you enjoy exploring our Career Corner!