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In the past couple of years, SAP Labs Israel has been participating in Corporate Social Responsibility activities focusing on two main areas: Technological innovation, and education. All of our activities are meant to ensure a sustainable future for society, our customers, and our company.

Technological innovation is part of our Lab’s DNA, part of our growth engine. It is a given that we would use our capabilities in this area to drive social change. Our focus on education is derived from our vision to make a meaningful change in people’s lives – and education is the foundation.

The spirit of innovation comes to life in some of our key CSR projects:

Developing a keyboard for people with disabilities

Aimed at improving quality of life for people with disabilities by helping them acquire typing skills, the iPad keyboard, named "IssieBoard”, was initiated by four developers as part of Innojam and was developed for Beit Issie Shapiro.
You're invited to watch the work in the following video:

Creating an app that helps ALS patients

Volunteers from our Lab, together with Prize4Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the discovery of treatments and cures for ALS, are developing an app that helps ALS patients monitor and record their disease development. The app can be used in the future to take proactive measures to improve patients’ lives. This application won the Bloomberg Genesis Generation grant of $100,000. To learn more about this program, watch this video:

Cracking the glass ceiling

In the area of education, we have created an extensive collaboration with education institutions and non-profit organizations across Israel to empower the
underserved and youth entrepreneurship in the areas of mathematics, science and information technology. One of our programs is called "Cracking the glass ceiling", and it encourages young girls to choose technological and scientific majors. SAP Lab Israel employees, mostly women, host 9th grade female students and help expose them to the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

We are proud to be leading and taking part in Corporate Social Responsibility activities that help the world run better and improve people’s lives.