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On October 28th, 2015, the fourth SAP GTS Info Day was held in SAP Labs, Shanghai, receiving more than 60 customers and partners from 31 companies, with an attendance rate of 91%. Attendees include members from German chamber of Commerce, Qingdao and Shanghai customs officials, colleagues from BA department, partners from PwC and Deloitte, and SAP colleagues. They had heated discussion on GTS overview & roadmap, Free Trade Zone (FTZ) compliance management technical solution and practices, customs new policies, requirements customs inspection had for ERP systems management in enterprises and AEO policies, etc. Moreover, the customers were provided a chance to join a hands-on session to experience the latest GTS processing trade functionality on site with the help of GTS development team.


First Time to Have Customs Officials On-Site to Introduce Latest Customs Policies

This was the first GTS Info Day that we were able to invite division chief from Qingdao Customs Miss Li and Mr. Dai from division of Inspection & Investigation in Shanghai customs to introduce the latest customs policies. Customers were offered the opportunity to communicate with the customs officials face to face on related policies and how companies could best cope with them to achieve a win-win situation with customs.

Miss Li from Qingdao customs authority, who had over thirty years working experiences in customs, gave us a presentation themed by “Better Meet the Legal regulation and Achieve a Win-Win Situation”. She mainly introduced the enterprises management system adopted by Chinese customs, AEO situation in China, and AEO cooperation among international customs. She further explained the enterprises credit management system in customs, including the different preferential and regulatory policies applied to Advanced Certified companies, General Certified companies and Discredited companies. In the end, she advised companies to pay high attention to vital factors customs used in enterprises rating such as credit management situation and declaration error rate, etc., and take part in AEO actively.

Apart from Qingdao customs sharing, Mr. Dai from division of Inspection & Investigation in Shanghai customs introduced requirements customs inspection had for enterprises ERP systems management. He reasoned that the differences among ERP systems in different companies and the low compatibility between customs and enterprises data systems due to a lack of unified data exchange approach posed various problems to customs inspection and investigation processes and inspected companies. Therefore, it became essential for both customs and companies to optimize the way customs and enterprise data were used. After that, he mentioned the key aspects in optimization and management of enterprise end system, emphasizing that the system should not only meet the company’s internal management needs but also the customs supervision requirements. While illustrating, he used one declaration user interface based on SAP ERP system, which is developed by a customer.

Customs Officials Introducing the Latest Customs Policies

Processing Trade Hands-On Session--Experience the Latest PT Functionality On Site

For a long time, processing trade has been one of the important business modes for Chinese import and export enterprises. With the constant higher customs inspection requirements in each year, the optimization of enterprise management modes has become an important issue for all stakeholders. And SAP GTS, which uses the advanced management ideas and can be integrated seamlessly with ERP systems, is able to help resolve related PT problems and improve the company’s PT business.

On our GTS Info Day, we offered the PT Hands-On Session for our customers. Customers from more than ten companies practiced the latest GTS PT functionality and specific business scenarios and processes on computers with the help of four members from GTS development team. After the practices of PT functions, most customers thought that the new PT functions related closely to their actual business. Two customers even anticipated future communication will with our product owner after the session. There were also other customers who listed minor gaps between the functionality and actual business, after which they expressed a wish for future improvement of related features.

Customer Practiced GTS PT Functions under the Help of Dev Members

Full Support by SAP Business Analytics, SAP Greater China

As an indispensable partner, colleagues from SAP Business Analytics, SAP Greater China provided us with great support during the event. Daniel Goettert, head of Business Analytics, SAP Greater China, introduced briefly the GTS Roadmap, successful customer cases, and the development strategies of GTS in China, etc. Besides, he encouraged Chinese customers to get a deeper understanding of German GTS cases which could provide them with comprehensive insights of global trade services and GTS functionalities.


Daniel Goettert, Head of Business Analytics, SAP Greater China

Additionally, we arranged demo booths in lunch and tea break time. The development team members elaborated Lumira and Automation functions of GTS to our customers with the help of videos and speed demos. And through free discussion, customers and GTS development team members exchanged different opinions with each other on hot issues on global trade and GTS solution.


With the generous support from GRC Business Solution Advisor Expert David Liu, GCC members and different partners, 2015 GTS Info Day was recognized as the most influential one of all time. And we had the most direct and effective interaction with customs officials compare with former sessions. We are looking forward to joining hands in the future to create more opportunities for SAP GTS, and make it more valuable for our customers!