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Cloud was the most trending topic in the enterprise software space in 2013. We have chosen a set of four blogs which provides us a thorough understanding about cloud and explains the use cases where we can leverage cloud to create organizational value.

What Does It Mean To Be In The Cloud?

This blog points out the changes in recent technologies and the factors leading up to it. For example, cloud. Cloud is not just about IT, it’s about driving rapid innovation throughout the enterprise. It’s about enabling new business processes. Cloud is increasingly being used to manage talent better, gain greater insight into their customers and to connect the dots in unique, unexpected ways.

Moving to the cloud to provide real-time, value-based healthcare

In her blog, Cynthia Mar explores the shift in trend for Healthcare companies. She explains why more and more healthcare companies are moving to cloud and the benefits that cloud brings in for them. A video featuring Martin Kopp, head of Healthcare Providers at SAP, showcases how cloud solutions can help healthcare organizations provide real-time, value-base care.

Looking Beyond the Technology Benefits of Cloud

This blog opens with how and why we need to look beyond technological benefits of cloud and start evaluating it as a strategic business enabler. The blog establishes that Cloud computing is creating a disruptive impact on the entire value chain – from designing, building, selling, running and continuously innovating solutions with a big impact on business processes.

The Intersection of Cloud and Mobility: Car to Car, Cloud to Cloud, Me to You

The blog starts with a very interesting question: What will it take to fully connect our world through the intersection of cloud and mobility? Jacqueline Vanacek writes about the discussion which took place at the NIST conference to answer the question. The blog also digs deeper into the key learnings beginning with cloud adoption and ends with some very interesting use cases of cloud.

Look forward to your feedback/ comments on this blog. Please feel free to contribute and share other blogs on Cloud.