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The best friend I made on the job

Since my first job was far away from home I made several best friends.

How I managed my work-life balance

My work life balance was achieved due to the great friends I made in my first posting, most of whom were locals of the town I worked in. Because I travelled on most weekends, I developed an interest in travel and experimenting with the local cuisine.

What I did in the first 100 days at work

My first job as an engineering graduate, was over 13 years ago with Grasim Industries. Like any fresher, I was made to learn things on the job and figure out the nuances of how the business worked. I was part of a team of technical consultants and this gave me an opportunity to view the business from the perspective of both a developer and a customer. This experience has ingrained in me the importance of having the customer as the centre of all activities.

How I had fun at work

Fun at work is about finding passion in what you are doing. The workplace extends challenges which work as opportunities to grow as a person.

The worst mistake I made

It is usually in the initial stage of one's career that most mistakes and learnings take place. I am thankful for the mistakes I made back then.

My biggest innovation

My team and I had to work extensively on improving the customer experience. It was here that I realised the thrill and importance of being a part of the customers' success and keeping interactions alive with them at all times to stay focused.

The best leadership lesson I learnt

I had the chance to work with some of the best leaders, many of whom were also mentors I look up to even today. They were very clear on the importance of being close to customers and I picked this up quite early in my career. Coming from a business family, I have always understood the importance of seeing value in the process and I consider that as my most important lesson. Through my years of experience and interactions I have learnt the importance of staying focused on the 'big picture' as that is what defines a successful business.

This article was originally posted at Focus on the big picture