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I came across so many great posts and blogs in Career Center which mainly give tips about which certification to choose, how to prepare for certification, how to prepare for interviews.

Also very informative blogs about various modules and sub modules are available.
I read those discussion and blogs especially related to my current work.

I was wondering what "more and different" can I write in my first blog !!

Then I thought about this Topic:
You have cleared SAP Certification then what ?
You have been selected and assigned to first SAP project now what ?

I am currently under same situation.

Although I have prior experience of three years but it is in another product (IBM Tivoli) and I am new to SAP FICO.

Therefore this blog is for two purposes:
1) To share --- what steps I have taken with people who are new in SAP Consultant Profession.
2) To recheck --- if I have missed "any key things" to do.

[   @Experts: Your valuable inputs are very much appreciated regarding this. :smile: ]

After passing certification:
### Please keep your certification id and the email id given at the time of filling certification handy.
For all the sites mentioned below if you face any problems to register, these two things are essential.
When you remember these two things you can simply write mail to support email mentioned and your problems gets resolved within 1-2 days.

1)Credentials Manager : Within few weeks you will get mail about this.
This is for publishing your certification only. I guess recreuiters will be able to verify from here.
You will also get information about other certifications. But there is no knowledge center on this site.
Still it is first and essential thing.

2) SAP India Career :
This site is especially important as SAP Partner Companies may liaise with SAP Education for their SAP fresher recruitment drives.
Hence chance to make your resume visible to top IT firm who are partners of SAP increases.

3) SAP Service Marketplace:
This is the single stop from knowledge perspective.
Once you are able to login here, you will get access to lot os material which is useful for both :
i)Interview preparation
ii)On Job learning.

Nice thing I found here is : Best Practices guides.
You can go to Products ==> Best Practices  ==> Baseline Package ==> Select your country
There you will get complete roadmap and documents to help with "current best practices" NO MATTER which phase your project is in and which  is you job role.

After Getting assigned to SAP Project (Implementation, Rollout, Support)

4) Getting Access to SAP systems : This will be given to you.
You just need to know which is Sandbox serve and make sure you have all authorisation there from perspective of learning particular SAP module.

5) Get access to business blueprints: This is also very important. Thing we try during certification and learning are very basic. Also in our exercises we can define organisational usint and structure but it will be very small structure.

Business blueprint will give you information about how your customers business organisation is structured in SAP,

what are thier business processes and ho they are configured. Hence it is very good for learning. I could see how big the real project is.

I hope this information is helpful.

@Experts please convey further steps :grin: