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Hello Friends,

Many of us get confused of selecting their career and skills required for their career. For e.g many of us get confused in selecting SAP job role like to be a Functional consultant or Technical? if functional then which module FI or SD?  if industry then which Mining or Oil & Gas? etc.So it requires that we should have some vision of what actually we want to do and what sets of skills are required for that.

In this ever increasing knowledge economy it cannot be possible to master all.We need to select which skills set are required to do our job. I call it a knowledge portfolio (just like our investment portfolio which consist of Share, Debentures etc which conform our investment objectives). Further it requires considerable amount of investment of your precious time and money in acquiring this knowledge and skills. Therefore, we need to be clear what our career objectives are and what skills ,experience and certifications are required to achieve this.

But the question is how can I find my career objectives or so called career direction?

Well, you need to explore what your talent are.I believe every person has some kind of talant but the problem is, in some people talent is latent. So they need to observe themselves and brainstorm on question like

  • When have you been most committed, passionate and enthusiastic?
  • When have you been most creative?
  • When have you been most sure of yourself and your decisions?
  • What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?
  • When have other people considered you to be most successful?
  • When have you enjoyed your work most?
  • What talents were you relying on, and using, in these situations?
  • For what would you take a very strong stand?
  • What about the world puzzles or disturbs you that you could make an impact on?
  • What jobs do you like to do at work when you have a choice?
  • What activities are you drawn towards out of work?
  • If money were no concern, what would you be doing?

once we are clear about our self we will able to do our own SWOT (Strength Weakness opportunity and threat) analysis. This will help us in finding Jobs that best suits us.This in turn will make clear what kind of skill sets we require to achieve to do that job which will help in achieving right skills and gives us a direction of our career.


I have found some good sites which contains lot of articles on Career and Skills,Communication Skills,Leadership skills etc.please visit following link

following is a link for a career guide published by NASSCOM for Indian BPO Industry it also contains various information about skills and careers required for a BPO Industry.'s%20BPO%20Career%20Guide.pdf

Hope this might help you in your career.

Thanks and Good Luck,