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It's Monday morning and I have a case for the Mondays. Not a Case OF the Mondays but a Case FOR the Mondays. And here is why.

Since October 2014, I have had the unique opportunity to work with 10 SAP Volunteers to coach young entrepreneurs to launch Muggen, a Junior Achievement Company program. Junior Achievement is a program designed for high school students to learn and experience, how to launch, and operate their own business. It enables students to gain valuable skills and experiences that they will need to achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and business people.

SAP Volunteers have dedicated 700 hours, and counting, to this SAP Canada CSR sponsored program. Muggen is a Toronto, student-based company that uses social selling tactics #ShareYourCity and #LoveYourCity campaigns to offer customers a connected, contextualized experience with an uniquely designed ‘City Theme’ mug. As mug owners sip on their favourite beverage they can connect with others in their city through social channels and feel good about their purchase  because a portion of the profits are donated to The Covenant House, Youth Homeless Shelter.

Inspired by the recent Oscar award-winning performances, the SAP Toronto volunteers put together this short movie, 'A Case For the Mondays' to share our volunteer experiences and challenge YOU to Find Your Case for the Mondays.

To learn more about the SAP Toronto Junior Achievement (JA) Company program and Muggen, a JA Company, check out the student campaign videos below and visit to learn more about these amazing young entrepreneurs and place your order today.

(Hint: The 'Muggens' are amazing graphic designers, I bet if you contact them directly they would love the opportunity to design a mug for you and your city)


SAP Toronto Volunteer Team: Carolyn Coad, jennifer.cutajar, peter.wong100, Ron Sookram, Adrian Wagner, jeffrey.leith, Kent Yu, Marcus Pridham, Mentro Deonarine, muzna.siddiqi, hong.jiao/profile

Special Guest Volunteers: wayne.pau, michael.gorelik, Peter Chen (JA Alumni)

Link to previous blog about this program: See How SAP Toronto is Mentoring Young Business Minds of the Future! by peter.wong100