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Preface :

I have seen many threads where people asking for which is best module to get into & have excellent career road-map ahead. For Obvious reasons, someone who is new to SAP or someone who is willing to change his career path in SAP usually gets into a dilemma of what to choose and what not to? Through this document I would like to spotlight  Top-down approach which I followed till date and changed my career path from SAP technical to SAP functional.

Top-Down Approach

As you all know nothing is Rocket-science in this world. At the same time nothing is static. Everything is going to change day by day. New technology will grow in market. You will have to adopt yourself with this changing environment & keep learning new things regularly.

Now let's go step by step.

Step 1 : What would you like to do in your career? What do you think you are best at? ( Below list is generic only)

  • Market research
  • Selling an IT Solution
  • Design/Implement an IT/ERP/CRM product
  • Business analysis, Continuous Process improvement across business functions
  • Coding & building new applications/Reports
  • Testing applications/processes,
  • Manage Team & Projects

Step 2 : What SAP consulting role suits for your expected career objective?

SAP Functional : Business analysis ,Continuous Process improvement across business functions, Implementation pre-work etc.

SAP Technical : Coding & building new applications/reports

SAP Presales : Market research, Selling a IT Solution,

SAP Project Management - Manage Team & Projects

Step 3 : What are different opportunities you could get into SAP based on three major categories of Roles?

SAP Functional : SAP ERP any of the core module, Explore S/4 HANA, All cross module Add-on's

SAP Technical : SAP ABAP & BI, Interfaces, Portals, HANA, Fiori, SAP Mobility, Basis, Security.

SAP Presales - Refer

If you have your answer in step 3, then go through an excellent blog FAQ: Different Career Paths in SAP

With this, you will get an idea where you should go and what to explore. In my opinion it makes no sense to seek an expert opinion without exploring basic things.

On general notation, following are expected backgrounds ( But not limited to) for different modules in SAP.






Procurement, logistics or supply chain management (SCM)


Sales and marketing


Production and operations management, Engineering degree in any discipline


Maintenance management, Engineering degree in any discipline


Logistics or supply chain management (SCM)


Project management including PMP certification


Human resources management

Netweaver (Basis)



Computer science or computer engineering

Computer science or computer engineering

Computer science or computer engineering

Good Luck,

Best Regards,