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At the end of 2014, SAP China produced the “My Dream” micro movie with the full support from executives. Once presented, the micro movie was well received by numerous employees and became very popular within the company. It received great acclaim from staff meetings to internal activities, from Intranet social to digital platform.

Due to its popularity, they relaunched the "My Dream" campaign in 2015 to unleash the potential of employees to a greater extent, and enhance communication and cooperation across demographics, business units and cultural backgrounds. They also had hope of helping employees summarize their successful experiences, reflect on difficulties and challenges, and jointly make positive changes by supporting the dream pursuing journey of dream teams.

The activity mainly includes four stages:

1) Evaluation and selection of teams with good dreams

2) Concerted efforts to support their dream pursuing journey

3) Summary and review after the realization of a milestone

4) Replication of success and proactive response to changes.

To further encourage diversity, there are three categories of dreams, namely, “make remarkable achievements”, “accomplish something great in the spirit of an entrepreneur” and “live a healthier and happier life”. In the activity, we received dreams submitted by nearly 100 employees, and had votes and comments from over 2,000 employees during the evaluation and selection process. The dream teams demonstrated the glamour of their respective dreams to the jury with their ingenious ideas and passionate speeches and many of these proposals were equally excellent. Finally, the fierce competition brought out three teams who won “Best Dreams”. They are “Make Fiori Development Simpler and More Effective” initiated by Lucky, “SAP Fitness Academy” proposed by Leon and “Simple CSR” anticipated by Linda. These three teams not only obtained a considerable dream fund, but also won a stage to demonstrate their dreams.

Lucky: Make Fiori Development Simpler and More Effective

What makes a good product successful? It is not about the sales, but more importantly rely on positive feedback from customers. This is the philosophy that every SAP employee follows. At SAP Labs China, many engineers, who are enthusiastic and determined, just like Lucky, want to help more people with SAP products. This is their dream.

For development itself, highly efficient tools can yield twice the result with half the effort. Just like the old saying goes, it is necessary to have effective tools to do good work. Given this, Lucky dreams of designing Fiori intelligent development tool which can not only simplify Fiori development, and also enable developers to design, develop and test Fiori application with rapidity, and help customers and partners modify and extend solutions from SAP with ease. In short, Lucky's dream is to “Make Fiori Development Simpler and More Effective”. From working alone to working together with a team, Lucky has turned his own aspiration into the dream for a group of people. Rising from obscurity to prominence, Lucky has elicited a thumbs-up from SAP overseas teams to Chinese engineers. Previously, Lucky was alone to crack the hard nut, but now he conducts discussions with his team during spare time, and they even create a WeChat group for sharing and communication. In this way, Lucky has truly turned himself from a dream maker to a dream initiator.

Now many employees at SAP have joined Lucky’s dream team. And more than 27,000 people view and transmit this technology on professional BBS. They have accomplished something great with their creative ideas, superior skills and the spirit of an entrepreneur.

Leon: SAP Fitness Academy

Every day, we are faced with challenges from both work and life, and a good mental outlook will put us at ease. At SAP Global and SAP China, we have always advocated and promoted healthier and happier work and life. Like thousands of employees, Leon, an IT expert and a fitness guru, represents the positive, sunny and wholesome SAP spirit. To have a passion for fitness, challenge himself, and spread positive energy, this is Leon’s dream.

From an ordinary fitness enthusiast to a professional fitness instructor, Leon has completed his own metamorphosis in ten years. For Leon, fitness is not only a hobby, but more an impetus to embrace challenges. Therefore, Leon hopes that more SAP employees can become a bodybuilder to facilitate their health. To this, he has built an online platform to share fitness knowledge. Besides, he will introduce the most popular body building exercise courses and the hottest group training courses. Simply put, Leon’s dream is to help people “have raised buttocks and abdominals with Apollo's belt and firm abs”.

Most often, a dream is like one's own child, bringing excitement and expectation at birth and bitter sweet in the upbringing. At the very beginning, Leon was alone in his exploration. Now, an increasing number of colleagues have joined his dream team, giving this team strong support. At the same time, the dream team has not only inspired enthusiasm in employees for fitness, and also cultivated more professional fitness instructors so that they can fight side by side and encourage each other. From the internal fitness website, WeChat Public ID of the dream team, to professional physical courses twice a week, the followers of the dream team have risen perpendicularly. With increased communications and closer relations, the dream is no longer far away. Now, the dream team has a large number of “die-hard fans” in Shanghai, and plans to expand their dream plan at SAP office in more cities. They are inspiring SAP employees to work and live in a healthier and happier way with the power of examples.

Linda: Simple CSR

Devotion to public welfare requires not only kind-heartedness, dedication and perseverance, but more specialized methodologies and intelligent systems. As the head of SAP China CSR, Linda leads her team to organize public welfare activities and fulfill due responsibilities and obligations of SAP as a corporate. The highest excellence is like that of water and the greatest love knows no boundary. This is the belief and character of every SAPer. To build an intelligent corporate social responsibility system is both the dream of Linda and the expectation of SAP executives. Furthermore, it is believed that not only SAP needs “Simple CSR”, and also an increasing number of enterprises will all look forward to empowering public welfare undertakings with such a platform.

Take SAP Great Wall Marathon as an example. Over the past three years, this event has gathered 370 participants, over 3,700 donations and attention from thousands of SAP followers. However, this event is only the tip of the iceberg for numerous SAP CSR projects. It is easy to imagine how a group of public-spirited employees leverage their limited spare time to make repeated check on details so as to ensure precision and accuracy of the information in their daily work. Overwhelming data and simple manual operation are the major challenges to organize corporate public welfare activities. Therefore, Linda expects an intelligent operation system which can not only improve the efficiency of public welfare activities, and also encourage public-spirited colleagues to communicate and engage. Linda wants the essence of SAP RUN SAP to penetrate into daily public welfare undertakings for a full realization of “CSR POWERED BY SAP”!

The dream is to change the world, which is grand and magnificent; the reality is to operate across sectors and differences in the profession make one feel worlds apart. This team has superb expert, but not in software technology; they have excellent product demand ideas, but lack specialized knowledge of software design, development and test. As a caring public welfare team, they are in dire need of architects and development teams to enable the dream to fly with wings. Accordingly, architects from India, technical experts from Shanghai, and development and test teams from everywhere get together in a dream for public welfare for the creation of SAP CSR system. Linda and her companions are pursuing remarkable achievements at SAP with philanthropy, ingenuity and cross-section cooperation.

The three teams also get substantial support from “Let’s shine” program group during their dream pursuit. With the dream fund from the company, the guidance and support from executives, and the publicity and promotion by the dream project team, these three teams are growing up, and their dreams are blossoming. These stories are also composing a new epic for SAPers to continue to follow their dreams!

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