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Just when you thought being a working parent already had its challenges, along came a global pandemic to stretch parental responsibilities to a whole new level. On Mother’s Day, we give a salute to the working mothers who are doing their best to balance the demands of their family and professional lives in this unprecedented time.

We spoke to seven colleagues from SAP Greater China to find out how they are coping – and thriving – in their own unique ways.

Vinnie Zhao, Account Executive, Insurance and Capital Markets, SAP China

"As a pregnant mother who continues to work at home during the pandemic, I’ve found new ways to draw energy from work. For example, focusing on the tasks in front of me tides me through the occasional moments of physical discomfort. Throughout my pregnancy, my colleagues have cared for my physical health and taken the initiative to share some of my responsibilities. For working parents, that support is priceless."

Ida Wang, Marketing Manager, SAP Taiwan

"I have developed a series of extraordinary skills: holding a baby in one hand, typing with the other, and having a con-call at the same time! I am very grateful for the company's care and support. My leaders and colleagues have been understanding, and I am very moved by their thoughtfulness. At SAP, we always work as a team, regardless of the situation."


Iris Yan, Senior Talent Attraction Partner, SAP China

"As we all know, working from home and managing adolescent children can be challenging. Despite having to balance the trinity of working professional, mother and homemaker during COVID-19, I’ve found myself feeling closer to my family. Even though I haven’t been able to meet my colleagues in person as often, this new normal has made us feel more united. We support each other side-by-side, even if it’s done virtually. It’s given me a lot of joy and strength."


Suky Wu, Platform & Technologies Solutions Sales, SAP China

"SAP’s care and support behind working mothers has allowed me to balance work and family during COVID-19. I’ve learned to face any difficulties actively and calmly; to stay true myself, and to be the best role model for my child! During this period, the communication and encouragement between teams, the understanding and sharing from leaders, and everyone's readiness to embrace new working methods have made me proud to be a SAPer."


Paula Sit, Head of Partner Management, SAP Hong Kong and Taiwan

"Discovering that I enjoy cooking for my family and experimenting with recipes has been the silver lining of the pandemic. SAP advocates work-life balance and supports flexible working hours, so working mothers can manage their career and family. My tip is to devote some time for personal relaxation. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We are all trying our best."


Minori Yoshioka, Demand Generation Lead, SAP Greater China

"Since working from home, I have been pleasantly surprised by the growth, maturity and independent nature of my children. It’s affirmed that I’m managing parenthood as best as I can. Interestingly, the ‘new normal’ has not only taught my team to be more flexible, it has also made us closer. I draw a lot of strength from them. I am very fortunate to work with such positive partners."

Sandy Yu, Head of Marketing, SAP Hong Kong & Macau

"My family has discovered a method that works for us: we plan ahead, communicate clearly and carve out time at home for work and family. We’ve been able to spend more time together, which I am grateful for. SAP provides employees with a highly flexible work environment where we can still work efficiently and, most importantly, safely. We get regular updates on COVID-19 all the time, and it gives me security that the company is putting our safety first."

To all mothers at SAP and around the world who are celebrating this May, Happy Mother’s Day! 

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