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I am vacation/working in Thailand now. One reason is the weather is much nicer here than it is in Denmark. It is always nice to switch some snow(as long as it is not for skiing) with the sun, beach and pool. It is great to have a profession where you can work remote, as long as the internet works.
One of the things that I have noticed here are two groups of people.
• Those how speak English
• Those how don’t speak English
Well I am just seeing it from a perspective of a tourist, there can be many more angles to take on it. It seems like the lowest people in the society are those how does not speak any English. They do the garden work and broom off the leaves from the road. I see the language from a User perspective. It is difficult to build trust if you just can communicate with sign language.
I am using the metaphor for English as a way to have an A and B team. But is it the same with being able to only understand the business or the technical language. If I as a developer don’t understand what the business wants then it is really difficult for me to work on the things and add a lot of value. The business consultants will have to spend much time specifying what I have to do.
In this video, I go thru some of the thoughts that it is possible to get from the difference in perspectives.
The second reason why I created the video was to create a thought full video around SAP in swimsuit. Is it possible? Or should I have been spending more time at the gym.

Do you have challenge with understanding the business language? What is your way to get better at the communication with other parties?

One of my ideas was to create a product to help the business become better at communicate with SAP PI developers. It was my way of making a language course to help in the development. You can see some of the free videos around it at