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SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organized the Design Thinking Introduction and hands-on exercise for the youth of HOPE Foundation and JIIT Institute at Noida under Digital Literacy Initiative.

Total 68 students participated in the workshop. The objective of the session is to introduce the Design Thinking concept to the students and how they can leverage it to innovatively solve the problems in real life. This is a part of Digital Literacy initiative driven by SAP CSR.

There were four DT coaches who took up this initiative; Pravesh Verma, Vikas Swarankar, Sumit Saini and Agya Pal Sigh.

Link to the Article (JAM Page):

Details about the Design Thinking Hands-on


Problem Statement

Proposed Solution


Pollution within University Campus

A Robotic Sensor Model


Pollution – Omnipresent Problem

Multiple solutions (Water harvesting, Pollution Recharge Card, Central garbage collection model, In-campus compost collection system)


Environment Problems within cities

Smart City (Dedicated zones), Smoke Absorbing roads, Road cleaning bus (Vacuum Cleaner)


Wake-up in the morning

Automated alarm system (showcase via role model)