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I’m lucky, I like my job, but the Business Insider website states that 80% people are dissatisfied with their jobs. This was once me, in a different role, in a different company. Before I decided to make a move though, I had to think about where I wanted my career path to take me. Here’s the advice I followed which in turn landed me at SAP.

What excites you and what are you good at?

Finding your strengths and understanding what excites you and gives you energy is key to finding a career path that is fulfilling and makes you happy. If you are a natural relationship builder who loves to meet new people, then find a career path that utilises these skills.

Find a mentor

A great way to explore opportunities, find your strengths and plan your career is to find a coach or mentor to talk things through with. It can be hard to analyse your own personality so by discussing your career with a peer or leader is a great way to build out your career plan.

Make a career plan

Having a plan helps with any goal achievement. If you know ultimately where you want to get to in your career a plan of all the smaller goals you need to achieve to get there will break down your plan in to more manageable achievements and keep you on track. Having a plan of smaller goals will help stay on track. Don’t be afraid to revisit and refresh the plan.

Take a skills test

Many people use online tests such as Myers-Briggs to understand their personality traits and ensure that they follow a career path that fits with their strengths. I like the style of the Good&Co site. This not only gives users insights in to their personality traits but you can also check your fit against prospective employers.

Perfect Match app

SAP’s own SAP Perfect Match app uses your own Facebook profile data to establish what career path you may be suited to at SAP. With many different career paths available, you may be surprised at what SAP can offer. And if you do not want to use Facebook data, you can read about SAP careers on our website – which is what I did, and am now in the place I was meant to be ?