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I am drowning in email.  I get so much information from so many different places about great things happening. meetings to attend, trainings to take, beer bashes and fun. But I am suffering from TMI (too much information). Getting information, staying connected, attending events that interest me should be simpler.

I wondered if there was a better way.

Then something happened that changed things for me.  We got a call.  Someone in the SAPsv team was looking for a way to track users attending events.  They initially contacted the mobile place management hoping that they could help.  But the mobile place team was in the business of device management, not applications.  So they were referred to my group - Dublin Enterprise Mobility team.

My team had discussed at the IT Intrapreneurial bootcamp in Dublin about adding additional functionality to one of our applications Campus Connect.  We looked into adding the ability to have emergency service alerts.  Or having a service to share services like printers, computers, video equipment.  Services for a campus.  The event tile requirement perfectly into this model. Provide employees with a way to find event information - time, location and details.

We came up with an easy and quick way to get the event information.  The approach was this - create events in SignUp, tag them, call the SignUp api, and display the data in our native iOS Campus Connect application.  It is a perfect marriage of SAP technologies.  A native application pulling information from the HANA back-end, maintaining the data in a SAP UI5 application.  Win-Win-Win. A showcase of SAP running SAP.

The Campus Connect event application rolled into production on Feb 4th. An event tile on a campus with the ability to show campus events, register, see what you are signed up to attend and share information with a friend.  As we said at our off-site Campus Connect design workshop.  Our application is so useful that it is addictive. Employees want to look at it each day.

I don’t feel guilty any more. Let my emails wait. Let my calendar remain clear.  Let JAM stay as the source of all detailed event information. But let me use my Campus Connect mobile application.  I come into work,  I open my Campus Connect app, I see what the cafeteria is serving for lunch, check the fitness schedule and see if there is any interesting events on my campus. All the information I need that makes coming to the office fun, simple and worthwhile.

You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.  I hope someday that you will try it, and things will be as one.   Spread the word, make the world a better place for all.  Install Campus Connect.




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For more information or if you want to help get event information loaded for your campus, please contact us.