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It is February 2015 and I am basically in my last month of my six months internship, here at SAP. But, also it is SAP's Month of Inclusion. To be honest, I did not really realize at first glance what it is about and when and where the several sessions will be done. To be more honest, I attended my first session by accident, because some colleagues came 'round the corner and invited me to join them. It actually was the session of Pico Iyer, which was virtually presented here in Dublin. I have to admit that it may have been a bit better, if I had been more into his writings of the past years. But don't get me wrong, I think he is a very good speaker! Though it was a bit confusing that he was talking about travelling and his travels most of the time, because the book he brought was labeled "The art of stillness". This calming moment hearing him talking during the session, maybe was his contribution to my stillness that day. I simply enjoyed listening to the stories of a man, who travelled the world and know something about it.

After this session, I decided to participate on the second session of the day as well. It was the talk of Richard Pledereder and in my personal opinion it reached me more. It always fascinates me when I see what possibilities and technologies we are able to do and run actually nowadays. That together with some interesting stories he went through, made me feel very comfortable participating in this session.

The least session I attended as of now was the talk of Michelle Garcia Winner. She talked about "Social Thinking" and why we sometimes experience people in our environment the way we do. She mentioned very interesting points and I think I have to give some feedback to friends of mine on their social behavior once I am back in Germany :lol:

All in all, Month of Inclusion sessions are so far a very nice experience and I am looking forward participating on more sessions.