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Hello all,

I am working in a project where the requirment is how to do connectivity between BW and BODS. I would like to share my ideas and thoughts on that, which may help others as well.

In current enviroment there is SAP BW system, SAP BODS system and ECC system and reporting in on Micro stretagy.All transaction takes place in ECC.The data flow is from ECC data moves to BODS database using BODS ETL tool except Sales and Profit Center area.For Sales and Profit Center data comes to BW system and user pulls report from BW system.

The Client requirment is to create the connection between BW and BODS to pull data from BW to BODS.That means when BW process chain successfully complets data loading then start to load data from BW to BODS. Here are the steps to be followed on BW side as well as BODS.

On BW side:

On BW side create Open Hub Destinations which will load data from BW Cube/DSO to Open Hub tables.Once data would be loaded to Open Hub tables it would be easier toimport them to BODS side.

On BODS side:

On BODS side create a Datastore where BW as Datasource and provide necessary BW server credentials.Then you will fine the options where you can see Opne Hub tables which will be available for import.Now you can import Opne Hub tables to BODS side by name and now your source is ready.

Create a query transformation and drag Template table and connect the same.

(Please see the the attached pics for better understanding)

Best Regards,


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